Thursday 22 March 2018

Motivation, Lesson Plans, and Big Picture Goals

Yesterday, I had an impromptu goal setting chat with EC.

First order of business? How to ensure I am getting the help I need. I've not been having very much luck getting riders local to me motivated for regular clinics. We started out great, but all the things everyone warned me about are starting to come into play - last minute cancellations for dubious reasons, people's cheques bouncing, etc. I hate to sound defeatist, but I'm not sure what I can do from an organizing perspective...I've had nothing but good feedback from those who do participate, and the word is out...but it's a tough community to crack. I could get into a whole ranty rant on the ignorant and in some cases downright weird and mean things directed my way as "the new-not-really-a-local person" and as people try to mark their territory but meh, let's just focus energy on the positive and always learning and moving forward.

The barn owner where I board up there is hilarious tho :)

EC floated the idea of coming up a few times for an evening this summer with her son for a 'road trip' on their motorcycle. The good thing about the motorcycle is it's cheap to take on the ferry. To teach one lesson, the time such a trip requires makes zero sense financially, but if we frame it from a "summer motorcycle road trip is paid for" it could work :) I have a feeling I could round up one or two more regulars too, to make it slightly profitable. So...fingers crossed.

We'll alternate that with me doing what I am now, where I travel down sometime the week before shows and have a boot camp.

Flashback pics of Ginger today. Slightly relevant as I'm considering boarding Ms Sovanna at the same beautiful farm while she grows up a bit.

And, as always, EC is great about giving me homework I can chip away at and I am quite resourceful with reading and finding online resources to increase my knowledge.

As for actual big picture goals - honestly mine haven't changed at all...I want to do the novice three day at Rebecca Farm (on my own horse), and I want to move up the levels in dressage as far as I can go. Midge agrees with neither of those goals, but I'm just going to keep picking away at things with her in an effort to be a better rider/trainer when the time comes to start the new pony. I have no idea how far I'll get with Midge (she's been telling me dressage is not her favorite thing for quite some time, kind of sad when she's actually pretty good at it when she's in the mood), so my goal with her is to just be the best team we can be and see where that takes us.

Flashback to when Ginger was new-ish under saddle
Anyway, dreams of fulfilling those bigger picture goals are why I've bought another pony. Who knows where that particular journey will actually take us, but the journey really is the best part anyway. If I 'just' wanted to ride dressage at a higher level or go to Rebecca, EC always has a horse for me to learn on (and it still would be a huge challenge for me)...but I really am attached to the idea of making it happen through my own work and on my own horse. :)


  1. i love your goals and love the long term attitude you take towards them while being realistic with working on the journey in the now.

  2. I am so excited for you to meet your new pony!! Glad you have EC as a mentor to help you on your quest!! :)

  3. I can't wait to see pictures! And I need some of your positive attitude! Or motivation. Or both! I'm just not goal motivated! Regardless, I'm going to be refreshing like crazy to see pictures...

    1. You may have to wait, lol, we are away all weekend showing and since I am cheap I camp on site, so no wifi :)

  4. You can make this all work. Clinics go in cycles in my experience. Keep it up as much as you can and it will work. I can't wait to hear more about Banana. :)

  5. That's cool that EC will be able to maybe come teach you during her moto trips.

  6. Your attitude is so admirable! And EC sounds like such an incredible human for so many reasons!