Wednesday 22 November 2017

Hollywood Mares

Audrey. Such a pretty mare. Apparently I have a soft spot for opinionated bay mares with old Hollywood names. Ginger, Bridget, and Audrey!
I thought I'd do a quick update on all my favorite mares!

Ginger's lease teen wanted to move up the levels next year a bit more than Ginger would be capable of, so she moved on to lessons on Audrey earlier this fall. Ginger was still being ridden regularly by teen, but I had my back up plan ready! Luckily for Ginger, lease teen decided recently that taking the slower route with Ginger is what she'd rather do. Audrey is lovely, but so much different than Ginger as far as temperament goes, so I can understand someone not enjoying her as much as Ginger despite the big difference in ability. It's great, because they both love each other and still have more they can accomplish together. And, so long as Ginger is happy, them so am I.

Bridget mare last weekend. Love her too and can't wait to try to transfer what Audrey is teaching me.
Bridget has been doing fabulously in her new/old situtation up coast. She's got a ton of energy, she's happy, and fingers crossed, she's losing weight.

So complicated, so cute, so neurotic. Ms Audrey. She attempted to attack one of the geldings in the stall behind her .5 sec after I took this, and remained upset about him, kicking out randomly until I put her back in her paddock.

Audrey. Oh, Audrey. My ride on  Audrey last night was fun and anxious making all at the same time. She was feeling very fresh, and I'm not familiar enough with yet yet to know whether I just needed to canter around and burn off steam, or whether that would be an invitation for a a rodeo.  I am not the bravest rider on a new horse, and all that power, plus some feisty mare 'tude was making me feel a little nervous. So, we did a ton of stuff in walk while I figured out the buttons for all the lateral work. Moving up to trot resulted in a humpy back combined with much head shaking, so I chose to work on canter. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but walk-canter-walk transitions and lateral work in canter (without lead changes!) were my homework. Plus, I find her canter easier to adjust than her trot. In trot there can be much multidimensional leg flinging and teleporting when I'm piloting, plus as mentioned, it's BIG and really adjustable and right now my body cannot be trusted to always stay exactly where it belongs, which she is not shy about telling me, lol. The added impulsion in canter helps me keep her straight and between my aids a little easier. So, we did a bunch of walk to canter transitions, and then when the attention started to waver, we went back to walk for a few steps and then back to canter. She relaxed pretty quickly, and so we finished with some more sedate trot. So, winning on the canter work - it was lovely and uncomplicated and I've got those transitions nailed down on her. Losing for being a chickensh!t rider - I think there was a missed opportunity there to take that energy and funnel it into a really exceptional ride, but I was simply not bold enough to push it. Honestly, though, while confidence is a problem, I am lacking in ability too, so maybe I need to not be too hard on myself until I am more capable of riding her well. Fingers crossed, in time I will feel as confident with her as I do with other horses!



  1. I am beginning to see the attraction to opinionated mares. I think your more conservative approach was wise. It's better to keep the trust then to push and risk a wreck.

  2. Ha I love the name connections. Classy ladies

  3. They all have fabulous names! Glad things worked out well for Ginger and her teen friend.

  4. She is gorgeous, I would have done the same. I'm way to fond of my safety to risk something like that even for an amazing ride.