Sunday 5 November 2017


It's official - I'm a West Coast wimp again. It's been frozen outside the last few days and I just can't even cope.
That puddle had ice in it and everything;)

Step 1 was digging out winter clothes, step 2 was actually going to the barn and riding. It's amazing how much more motivated I am when I know that I'll be away part of next week and unable to ride. Because really, I'd rather be inside by the fire with a good book.
I borrowed G's phone and found a picture of from last weekend of Lily the mini for Cathryn! Ignore me, I am not a fan of pictures being taken, but Lily is so cute I'm sharing it. Also, wow I make that mini look tall.

But, I've got to say, Bridget has been SO FUN. I don' know if it's the change of scenery or the weather, but she's so happy and sassy that I can't help but smile for most of my rides. She's hot and spooky and really interested and looking for a job. I like it!

Happy ears

I was practicing lead changes thru trot and walk and I did a couple yesterday and then she was ON IT - like "here let me go, don't make me walk, I want to change leads NOW!" Ummm...since when is being ambitious in any way part of her make up?!

In some ways, I've been doing my homework. In others, I've been leaving things alone. B has been super awful in the contact the last few months...which coincides with us wanting her to be rounder and more collected. Its resulted in a pretty frustrated pony. I'm told this awkward stage is somewhat normal, but, ughhh, im tired of arguing. Its been a struggle, and I don't know, I just have a feeling we need to step back.

So, I've been riding her in a more open frame (read: my reins are about 3" longer than acceptable in our dressage lessons) and just making sure we can be forward and relaxed still, because those were both starting to suffer. Yesterday, by the end of my ride, she felt so amazing...evenly forward and pushing into a nice steady contact, with the feel that I could ask for more and immediately get it.  And, so round and soft! Funny how when I change the focus the rest falls into place so easily. It was tempting to ask for that little bit more, but meh, it felt right to leave it there - I'm not sure I remember the last time she felt so good. I'm pretty sure this is not what my coach would have me doing, but I'm equally sure she's open to alternate ideas and me problem solving on my own.
What even is this picture? lol

We also went for a nice hack this week, and played with the circle of death and some little jumps too. So much fun. I truly think we were both bored of our previous routine and getting a bit burnt out.
Proof of COD, also long reins.

And with that, week one of our new schedule is in the books. I feel like it's been successful so far. B is feeling better than I've ever felt, and seems to be loving the variety and change of pace. Crossing all my fingers and toes that I can keep B this interested and involved in the's so much more fun for us both.

Next up: B gets Monday and Tuesday off while I travel back south for work. But, I'll still be riding, another circle of death lesson at EC 's, on Audrey, this time no stirrups. #GonnaDie
... At least I practiced on Bridget today?



  1. I am enjoying reading about the sassy, forward pony!

  2. YAY on fun rides. And as my last lesson recap stated Emily thinks moving forward is much more important than being in a frame or on the bit. SO YOU GO YOU! :) BRGHH I am cold reading about your weather though. It is high 60s today and supposed to be low 40's by Friday here during the day. That is cold for us this time of year! Have a good week!

  3. She sounds so happy! I'd go with it and enjoy what you have, the rest will come with time. I'm a strong believer that you can't have a horse truly in a frame or on the bit if you can't get them moving forward so I think what you're doing now is fine. Besides, I think having a happy horse is important too.

  4. I'm totally guilty on the long reins thing too! Sometimes I think cobs are just too smart and require a lot of changes and things to learn about or they get bored and turn their intellectual energy into being naughty.

  5. I hear you on struggling with more collection. Glad to hear I'm not the only one that's struggling a bit to adjust to the shorter rein length and different expectations.

  6. so awesome that Bridget is taking so well to the change in lifestyle!! she looks great!

  7. OMG THE PONY <3

    Glad Bridget is adjusting well!