Friday 26 May 2017

Week 9

This week featured gorgeous weather, lots of great rides, and a very sweaty pony. I've made some decisions and have a few small changes on the horizon too, which added to my general sense of well being this week. I'll ponder that in a follow up post.

Saturday: Dressage school 20min followed by 45min trail ride.

Sunday: Jump school. 15 min warmup, followed by 2'6" courses x3
Monday: Dressage school. Pretty easy day, since G was there and mostly we just wanted to visit with him.

"OH HI G, take my picture!!!" - Bridget. She loves him and likes to keep an eye on him.

Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Dressage lesson.
Thursday: Jump school, using same fences as I set on the weekend. Best working student was there to help, which was awesome. She's 15 going on 40, and already really good at training and coaching.

Game faces

Friday: I'm heading home this weekend, so B gets a trainer (dressage) ride.
Saturday: B gets to go for a hack with best working student.
Bonus pic of our grumpy cat. He does not appreciate being woken up for pics, but he does enjoy indulging in weekend Netflix marathons with me so he's actually pretty awesome.
Looking ahead:
I've signed up for the dressage show in three weeks. And so far, that's it besides lessons and clinics. We've still got some other options on the horizon - I'll recap the revised plan this weekend :)


  1. Ha I love that canter still - she looks about ready to attack the fences!! Enjoy your time at home!

    1. True story, it's used out of context because she just about stopped at that one! Sneaky pony. I need to post the photo sequence...I think Fail Fridays need to be a thing here again.