Sunday 14 May 2017

Summer 10

Rhiannon of The Horse Is Not Black started a summer blog hop of 10 questions! Thank you!
1. What are your summer goals?
To survive it? My schedule is nuts. Competition wise, I'd like to have at least a couple of successful events under our belt, and some decent dressage scores at First. Mostly though,  I'd like to feel like we had time to relax and enjoy the long days and nicer weather of summer!
Went to a friend's place on the beach exactly once last year. Going to try to improve on that!
2. Do you have any tips or tricks for fly control?
I wish. Ginger gets sweet itch, so I'd love to find fail safe insect control. Since that's not happened, she's given vet prescribed meds, wears a sheet, is doused in oil based fly sprays, and wears a thick layer of zinc ointment on her belly to create a barrier to the insects.
3. How often do you bathe your horse?
They get hosed off after rides where they're sweaty but I'd say only get a proper bath a couple of times a summer.
4. Do you have any upcoming travel plans? Equine or otherwise?
We travel within the province for horse shows through October. For personal trips we'll likely go to a baseball game in Seattle this summer, and are planning an Okanagan trip in August. Then, either Mexico or Caribbean in November.
Super fancy horse show accommodations;) 
5. What is your favorite way to beat the heat?
Swimming! I'm irrationally scared of Jaws, so the ocean is a no go. Luckily, we also have lots of nice lakes.
This beach is about 5 min from my work, and often in my mind as I sit in my office under a blanket due to the crazy air con
6. Do you do anything to prevent your horse from sunbleaching?
No, they're both bay, but Bridget is a wild bay and Ginger looks more of a silver bay (she's not, but has the silver faded mane and tail - she's actually registered as chestnut despite having black legs). So, yeah, with natural color of both being kinda faded already, I don't worry about it.
7. How hot is too hot for you to ride?
It doesn't get too hot here, usually. The one time was when I got heatstroke at an event last year, it was 30 degrees Celsius or more for 4 days in a row and very little shade.
8. How important is sun protection for you riding or just in general?
I'm starting to notice sun damage from my younger days, so it's important to me. I'm pretty pale looking all the time now ;)
9. Have you ever gone swimming with your horse?
Yes, we lived for that as kids...there is a lake near our favorite trails that I still visit when I'm home. Bridget has only been in about belly deep, but I'm pretty sure she'd go swimming!
The lake. Just kidding, just another west coast puddle.
Actual lake
10. And because shopping is always on my mind, what’s on your summer wish list ?
I need a lightweight show coat and a helmet, but I haven't got to the point where I've even picked out any specific ones.  Other than that, not much. I went a little crazy with the fall sales last year and have lots of sun shirts and breeches :)


  1. Love this! I'm going to do this one also :)

  2. swimming with the ponies as a kid sounds like absolute heaven!

  3. I would love to go swimming with horses :)