Tuesday 30 May 2017


I had a not so great jump lesson last night. I rode terribly, and Midge wasn't feeling herself either. Noting terrible came from our collective fail to do the things, since we were just working on related distances and adjusting strides with tiny fences,  but it was certainly a struggle. Midge could canter...or trot. or quit. No adjustability, no motivation. I stayed on, and that's about all I contributed to the cause:) EC had to give us a pep talk of all the ways jumping helps our dressage, so I guess my frustration with myself was obvious.

So, since I don't feel like dwelling on it, we're going steal an idea from LWilliams. While we don't have nearly the tack inventory she does, I thought it might be fun to recap our current gear, since it's changed a bit lately. It's basic and budget conscious, but it works for us.


-County Competitor dressage
-County Pro-Fit CC (fingers crossed it stays!)
-TexTan western
-Stubben Juventus jump (was Ginger's, then Bridget's...tree is twisted now so it sits until I can bear to toss it.)
Ginger tack modeling.


-Stubben Leitrim bridle (Ginger)
-Bobby's dressage bridle (Bridget)
-Mondega hunter bridle (Bridget and Ginger)
-Cheap bridles x2. Greenhawk Connemara brand. Used for rainy, gross days, trail riding, swimming, XC clinics where I think loose horse might be a possibility ;) Oh, and with my western saddle, because I have no pride.
-A loose ring french link for each pony.
-An eggbutt snaffle for each pony.
-So many. I have tiny hands, and like rubber lined reins. There was some trial and error involved here!


-Schockemohle dressage girth
-Cheap fleece lined regular girth
-cheap brown neoprene regular girth
-HDR leather girth.
Of these, both ponies love the cheap fleece one. I do need a better girth. I tried the County logic one and the total saddle fit one and didn't notice a difference worth paying for.

Saddle pads:

I've eliminated the hoard, and gone for the most part with 'boring'. Boring, matching stuff is actually good in a large barn, I always know which pad is mine!
-Black with grey trim jump pads x 3, matching dressage pad x 1.
-White pads jumping x1, dressage x 1
-Teal with navy dressage pad x 1. Cause I love it.
-Pro Fit shimmable pad. For all those uneven shoulders.

Black and grey pads for the win


So shameful, 1 pair of black Woof Wear XC boots. And that's it.


3 point breastplates x2. For all those trail riding adventures. Ginger's is a cheap HDR, Bridget's a cheap stripy elastic Greenhawk model.

This is why we don't have pretty pictures. Thanks for trying, Midge.


  1. reading this makes me feel a little bit like a hoarder haha. so much stuff omg.... like all of isabel's old boots that don't have a prayer of fitting charlie. and all these bridles that i can't seem to let go of. let's not even talk about girths. or... maybe i will do a post of my own haha

  2. I second Emma, I totally feel like a hoarder.

  3. I'm afraid to do this to be honest.

  4. This seems kind of fun to me! The biggest things missing in my collection are saddles... I currently have one saddle and three horses. Wtf is that about haha!

  5. You definitely have more saddles than me!