Wednesday 15 March 2017

Random Updates

We're still here. I took a much needed time out and went home for a few days to relax with G and do a little property hunting. We're still half-heartedly eyeing up farm properties, but more and more I find myself thinking the right one simply doesn't exist in our area. (semi level, non swampy land, 10+ acres, agricultural zoning and ability to run a related business - hard to find in our wet and mountainous area). I'm finding myself wishing instead to have a nice cottage on the lake or beach and to just board the horses out. It feels a bit weird after all those years of having the horses at home and always wishing for a larger farm. I still love the day to day on the farm, but my current level of boarding freedom, especially being able to leave for a few days with no issues is something I'm getting very used to! Maybe this is my midlife crisis - instead of wondering about changing long terms views on jobs or marriages, I'm pondering horse farm related things. Typical!

From A bit of an adventure as it's a short boat/water taxi ride from 'civilization' (in quotes because I'm not sure our neck of the woods is properly considered civilized on even it's best day), but I'd love to wake up to this. And, who am I kidding, first order of business would be to build a small area for Bridget so she could visit and  I could ride on this beach.

As far as actual real horse plans, we still have none. B had her first vet appointment and sadly was told she needs to lose weight as of yesterday. So the grazing muzzle has been put on. In typical pony fashion, she figured out how to get it off in about 10 minutes, so now it's been adjusted and it takes her a while longer to scrape it off enough to eat. Not sure this is a viable long term plan, a grazing muzzle AND hay net? Way too easy for her to 'accidentally' catch the muzzle in the netting and get it off.. Also, I'm not nearly heartless enough because this morning while I was feeding B was all tapping me on the shoulder with it like "Hey, check this out, I have this thing stuck on my face and I can't eat! Surely this is a mistake, please take it off, don't you love me?" Science would say I'm imagining that conversation, my emotions say otherwise :)

We also recently got a prescription for thyroxine, which after some google searching has me too scared to use on her. So we'll await our second opinion. I am still, however, tempted to use it on myself (joking, sort of...I'm fantasizing about a 'miraculous' weight loss and energy boost to aid in my enjoyment of the beach time dreamt about above)

Dressage wise, B is cruising along and in a really good place. Trainer rides and a new saddle for the win! I'm contemplating calling this the year of all things dressage showing and not getting overly invested in trying to get us prepared to event. We'll see...the pony is doing great in our jump lessons too, I'm just worried about the vet stuff and finding a new jump saddle in a reasonable time frame. Also, for a number of reasons, an eventing season here is way m more expensive than a dressage one, so that adds to my is tight given our saddle purchasing and vet visits. Too bad dressage is not as fun as eventing!

The jump saddle is STILL pending. I have a line on another one to try (thank you LiveLaughRide!), but best case it won't be here for a couple of weeks. We're borrowing a saddle for now that sort of fits, and I'm tempted to ask if I can borrow it for the upcoming XC clinic. That's a big ask, though, so in typical T fashion I'll worry about it a little more first, I think :)


  1. Glad you had a nice getaway! I don't know a ton about weight supplements/meds but that stuff you mention sounds familiar for a horse we had at Izzy's barn who had some metabolic stuff. I think a couple cases there were also on chromium, just a regular supplement that had the advantage of smelling like cake (no joke!). Good luck with the second opinion all the same!! And with the saddle shopping!!

  2. Poor B- I'm looking at Carmen and worrying that I might need that for her. :)

  3. Apollo makes me feel like the worst human in the world when he goes into "fat jail" in the spring. Crossing my fingers for your jump saddle!!

  4. I hear you on the farm plans. I've always wanted some land where I can have a barn but the more I think about actually doing it/ the closer it gets the more I realize how nice boarding is! People to ride with, freedom to go on vacation, the ability to sleep in on weekends etc. it's pretty nice!

  5. I'd be a little cautious to give any animal "weight loss" type pills but I'm also not a vet!