Friday 24 March 2017

True Story

I arrived at the barn early before work, my turn doing the morning feeding. I was surprised to see the barn lights already on and the door open - it's really rare anyone gets there before me. Still, it's spring break for the teens and a couple of them have pretty incredible work ethics - it's not out of the realm of possibility they'd be getting an early start on their rides.

More my level of dedication

I walked in, dropped my bag in the tack room, and walked over to the feed room. I reached around the corner to turn the light on and

Right in my face! He was sitting on the shelf by the light switch snarling as I calmly backed up ran away. After a couple of seconds, he bolted out the main barn door, carrying a bag of...something. Horse treats? I don't know, I wasn't following him to find out. Pheww, that was scary! Back over to the feed room I wandered, reached around the corner and

Holy sh!t. There were two of them.

PSA folks, remember to turn of the lights and shut the barn doors if you're the last rider in the barn. (That is, if you want to keep your barn staff, or at least save them from rabies/potential face biting raccoons :)



  1. Yikes! That would have given me a start

  2. Ermafuckinggherd nooooo. Just no.

    We had a slight raccoon problem at Isabel's barn (bc those little shits ain't dumb and once they find a good source they keep coming back!) but I never came so.... Face to face with them. Ugh.

    1. They're so smart! Literally the barn door has been left open twice in the last year, and both times the same ones have come in. They must check the door every night. I think the other morning they were already in a food coma or something because my arrival should not have been a surprise!

  3. AHHHHH! NOOOOO! I would've run screaming from the barn.

  4. Woah! So scary! This used to happen to me when I was growing up since my parent's barn door didn't close fully. It was so completely terrifying so I completely understand haha.

  5. I actually died laughing when there were TWO in there. Hahahah. Oh my. Glad you got away unscathed.

  6. LOL. There was one that stalked our feed room for a few days last fall, and I can't count the number of lessons that got interrupted with screeching when it poked its head out of the hay loft that sits above the feed room. It probably ran off all on its own just from being annoyed at all our screaming and throwing things at it!

  7. I hope you grabbed a pitchfork for a weapon

  8. This post gets A+ in formatting, sorry that those trash pandas were scaring you though!