Monday 27 March 2017

Buy My Stuff Vol 1

I have a heap of things for sale. We'll start with the 'big' stuff - saddles x2 and bridles x2, all in excellent condition.

Stubben Juventus. 17" 32cm, dark brown color,  have owned since new (bought 6 years ago) and it's always been well maintained and taken care of. Usual marks on the flaps from leathers, but otherwise in very good condition. Comes with cover. $1000 CAD$750 US obo, plus shipping at cost.
Black with white padding bridle. Never used, sold my dark bay mare and I don't like the white on white look for my two mares with blazes. Comes with plain flat reins. OK quality, was about $100 new. No's pretty old school. $50CAD/$40US plus shipping at cost.

Mondega Amara saddle. 17" medium tree. Looks and rides pretty much like the Pessoa A/O I had. In almost new condition, belonged to the same dark bay mare I sold. Comes with leathers and irons pictures, plus matching leather girth (new) and fleece cover. $800 =$600 US, steal of a deal, this is a nice saddle.

Stubben split crown bridle in dark brown, Comes with laced stubben reins. Horse sized, plain noseband. Very well taken care of. $150CAD =$110 US. I thought I sold this on ebay...but payment has not materialized.. If it does magically appear in the next 24 hours I'll remove this, otherwise it's up for grabs :)
Lots more pics available if anyone is seriously interested. Feel free to share, I seriously don't need all this stuff in my tiny house :)

*Edited to add USD conversions for the non Canadian folks!



  1. Oooh fancy stuff! I've always liked the look of white padded dressage bridles but can't at present justify adding any more bridles to the collection (I, um, have a few) ....

  2. I'm with you on the white padded bridles - some horses they look SUPER on and others they just don't.

  3. Too bad my butt is way bigger than a 17"!