Friday 31 March 2017

Pony Fitness Week 2

Another week of enforced fitness discipline in the books!

Friday: Day off.

Saturday: Clear rounds day, as outlined in our weekend update. Pony wasn't the most willing participant, but she spent about an hour in a jump lesson and did a few rounds, plus a lengthy warmup in the outdoor.

Sunday: Miserable weather, so we condensed the time and increased the intensity. Fitness hack. 1 km trot up gradual slope, short canter up steep slope, further .5 km to top of steep hill at a walk. Return down hill asking her to use her hindquarters, .5 km. Further 1 km along power right of way, canter half, trot half. Remainder 1km walk home on a loose rein, followed by 15min in the arena practicing walk/canter/walk transitions.

Monday: Dressage lesson. All the canter. Forever and ever.

Leaving this here, because I tend get myself all turned around at least once per lesson.
Tuesday: Vaulting. I wasn't there, but supposedly B had energy to burn so they did a lot of the session in canter. Feedback was the right lead is getting quite good and perfect for vaulting, left still a little frantic and prone to falling out. Nice to hear it's consistent with how she's going for me.

Wednesday: She felt great, but a little stiff bending, likely due to her efforts of the previous day. Opted for a repeat of Sunday's ride, but kept the reins loose and her forward and stretchy as much as possible - more of a forward thinking hack than truly making her work. She was awesome. I'm getting addicted to galloping on one of the sandy sections of road, and she's been offering before I ask - I like it. I'll never say no, because I want her to think forward is always a great choice.

Thursday: Trainer ride. Working on that pesky left lead. EC has all the timing, fitness, and determination I lack and does more transitions in canter in 45min than I do in a month. The report was B had energy to spare and was a good girl!

Friday: light jump school...

Because Saturday is XC schooling, and Sunday we have our first show of the year!



  1. Sounds like an amazing week! I'm in full on outdoor training mode so that by the time it's actually nice I'll be able to spend some time hacking down the gravel road we're on :)

  2. Busy busy - with an awesome sounding werking ahead of you!!! Hope you have a blast!!! :D

  3. I find with my cob that the high intensity short hacks with canter/gallop and fast hills do the most to give her the fitness edge.

  4. "More canter transitions in 45 minutes than I do in a month," describes me perfectly as well!

  5. Yeah I need to memorize that diagram too