Thursday 9 March 2017

Accentuate The Postive

I don't know what gives the last few months, but I've been on a bit of a low emotionally, and am struggling to be the happy, positive self I strive to be,

No doubt, some of this is just life. It's challenging at the moment, and we are past due for some good things to happen. I'm worried about my friends who are going through some tough times. My insomnia has made a return visit. Life is just harder without sleep. And let's not forget the weather. We've had an exceptionally cold/dark/wet winter, even for the west coast. Some of my worries are over Bridget's heath and tack and the associated finances. Her cough is better, but still noticeable. The vet has postponed our appt again. I'm reluctant to purchase a jump saddle until I know the diagnosis, cost of the vet bill and future maintenance, if any.. Selfishly, I have a lot of sadness over missing sign up deadlines for events I've been planning and looking forward to since last year.

Some of what's hurting me is how I currently choose to handle and approach things. Luckily, my approach to life is something I am in control of and can change! First step, admit things are tough and sucky and most of it is beyond my control. Done. Second step, I think it's time to make note of and focus on all the positive things happening and progress made this winter in pony land!

1. Pony kisses

2. We finally have a saddle that fits us both decently. This was an epic win, give our collective conformation :)

3. Bridget is going fabulously in said saddle. Like the Bridget of old, and putting in some really great work.
4. Unlimited trails to explore

5. My own riding has made some big breakthroughs,  Our little tackless interlude really helped me re-find my center of balance and refine my aids. The lessons on Audrey confirmed that. and gave me some new tools and a feel for where I want Bridget to be in a month or two.

6. On a related note, it's seriously difficult to nag with your leg riding bareback on a round pony. Also, no tack to pinch makes for a happy, free moving pony. So, B is now much sharper off my leg and our forward issue hasn't been a thing for weeks.
7. Ginger. We like Ginger.

8. We have all the dressage tack, we have a big set of dressage goals and an entire series of dressage shows we can still attend if eventing/jumping turns out to not be our thing this year.

9. Our long term plan was always dressage anyway. Eventing is for fun and at the levels we jump, we don't need to follow a program, per se. It will wait for us to pick back up whenever we're ready to get back out there.
10. B's life satisfaction is easily achieved

11. A lighter competition and clinic schedule means $ saved. $ saved means more money for fun things in the future, or the jump saddle of my dreams. More importantly, it means less stress over potential upcoming big vet bills.


  1. Lots of great positives! I too am struggling with high stress/lack of sleep and it's hard not to get a bit down (this winter is also like the worst). I hope you get your vet apt soon, being in limbo is so difficult too. Rooting for you guys!

  2. Great positives :) I've been having a tough time with motivation right now as well and I really like how you went through and listed the positives. I should do the same!

    1. Oh, and as someone following along it does seem like you've been making lots of progress. Sometimes it's tough to see/feel when you're so close but from over here it's been fun to see how far you guys have come this winter so far :)

  3. Stay focused and the rest will fall into place. I hope that the vet can come out soon.

  4. when you write it out like that, it sure seems like there's lots to be happy about! hopefully the rest falls into place soon too ;)

  5. I'm sorry you're going through a rough patch - sometimes life does just suck! But it's good to make the effort to have a positive perspective, and I really admire you for picking yourself up and looking at the good things in your life! I hope things start to get sorted out for you soon. <3

  6. Hey girl you're going to make it out on the other side of these hard times and be really proud. Everything will happen with time!