Thursday 9 February 2017

Off Kilter

Kind of a weird day, not helped by our foggy, dark, ominous weather. Is it a dream or is it real? ;)
Spoiler alert: those are our tracks heading out to the arena this morning.

I got up early this morning, drove to work, and...the parking lot was empty and the building dark. Weird. After a quick check to confirm today is a weekday, and no, I had missed no calls, I was a little confused. Turns out today is a snow day, even though it's raining and the roads are clear. Those of us who do not read the company website in our time off were made apparent, as one by one we showed up to not work.

So, since I was up bright and early, in the neighbourhood, and likely using up vacation time (grrr),  a barn trip seemed like the thing to do!

When I arrived at the barn, B was nowhere to be seen. You'll remember she got moved in with the boys? Well, one of the boys has taken it upon himself to play wild stallion. Bridget is "his" and good luck convincing him otherwise. Jerk. Also, weird. Also, dangerous. After a quick chat with EC, it's been decided to arrange paddocks differently.  No more boyfriend for B, and none too soon, I've run out of blankets since he insists on tearing them off her all romance novel style. I joke, but I'm sort of angry about that because I'm in need of a new saddle, not more bills for new blankets.
Enough already.

EC recapped her training ride on B Tuesday (desperate times, needed a trainer intervention for our left lead canter issue) And, the news was good/not good. She couldn't get it either and was fighting my saddle too, so got off. On the longe with side reins,  zero issues.  So, definitely a tack issue.  This makes me feel good that it's not me, but terrible that we persisted with the saddle when B was trying to tell us it still wasn't working for her, professional saddle fitting or no.

A ride in EC'S (much too large for me, and slightly too narrow for B) jumping saddle this morning confirmed things. After one initial "No, I cannot, will not!" Bridget was a star and there were zero dramatics or issues. Canter both directions was equally awesome and the drifting right shoulder completely gone.

Lesson 16783256890653 learned from horses: Just because pony previously went well in a specific piece of tack, or just because it technically fits, does not mean pony is currently  happy with said piece of tack.

Since I'm a little desperate for positives today, the saddle I was using was trainer's County Stabilizer. That's a positive since I used to ride in one that fit me decently and I LOVED it. So, an option should we be able to find one used in an XW tree and a smaller seat. Maybe I just get a jumping saddle and make do with that. Hold off on the dressage until next year? I feel like the universe is rebalancing...needing two new saddles at the same time is my punishment for magically already owning a saddle that fit Bridget when I bought her. I knew it was too good to be true :)
Sorry, Midge.

Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend!



  1. I'm always amazed at seeing what a dramatic difference ill fitting tack can make... Esp bc it always makes me so paranoid that maybe some of our own issues stem from similar roots. Ugh. Boo saddles. Counties are great tho - and there always seem to be a TON on the used market (at least where I was looking). Here's hoping you find one that fits you both perfectly!!

    1. Thank you! I'm so disappointed with our saddle fitter right now.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your tack issues... such an expensive/not fun problem. :( I'm still in that boat, my new barnsby doesn't fit at all. Might be time for you to give Jen the Saddle Geek a try!

  3. I can echo your lesson about the saddle- I couldn't get the left canter either and then the saddle was adjusted and it's much much better.

    1. The reverse happened to me...I was sort of questioning it, had it adjusted a coupe of weeks ago, and Bridget is SO unhappy now :(

  4. Bummer town on the blanket! He really went to town!
    At least you know it is the saddle causing problems. Good luck on that! You will get both saddles in due time. Focus on fixing the problem and practice till then!