Friday 17 February 2017

Keepin' On Keepin' On

Things have been a little up and down in this part of the world this week:


- A terrible ride on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

- Me, in tears, finishing the above Wednesday lesson feeling like I just can't even. Can't ride. Can't deal with the lack of forward, can't figure out how to fix this. Can't even think about the finances needed to potentially purchase a custom saddle or two. Can't remember the last time this was truly fun.

- What if there is something physically wrong with B? What if she simply doesn't like her job?

- EC, understanding, but also frustrated, I think. There's no quitting in this barn! Give new saddle and another vet check a chance, but also, suck it up, this is B and you bought her because she's so laid back about life. There will be no magical cure for work ethic beyond consistency and hard work.

- Discover Bridget's cough has returned Thursday, after over a year of health and us almost being convinced original vet was wrong about COPD. Cut ride short, feel terrible for being so frustrated with her laziness on Wednesday. Good thing the vet is already booked. Poor B. Poor bank account.

-Many sleepless nights worrying about all the above.

Bridget, waiting for dinner the other night. Also, the boys have been moved, so her blankets are surviving the night intact again!


- Bloggers rule! A few of you have sent me links or contacts for  potential saddles for B. I have a couple of really good leads, and the saddle fitter is currently confirming specs from serial numbers. THANK YOU.

- EC rules. Gave a very kind offer for me to ride her very fancy (and forward) warmblood mare 'A' 1x a week to keep me sane/give me a better idea of what it is I am looking for with B. She's the same age as B, slightly further along training wise, and just super talented. But, apparently a very similar ride to B as far as how bendy/supple they are.

- Again, EC to the rescue. Currently building B a separate 'condo' so she can have soaked hay and zero dust while we wait for vet visit.

- And, again EC. Loaning me a gorgeous saddle to tide me over until I find the perfect one to purchase.
Not the actual saddle, but a look alike County Sensation. It's not to my taste to ride in/budget to afford, but oh my is it gorgeous and Bridget seems to like it.  The one pictured is from the Pelham Saddlery site if you're shopping.

-Our lesson I was so down about? I was riding Q mare last night and thinking the jumps looked a little on the large side. They were. And I wasn't afraid at all.

-Q mare. She was fabulous last night. Love her, feel very lucky to have the ride 1x a week.

-Ginger. She looked amazing in our lesson the other night. The goal is to take her young rider to Prelim eventually, and I believe they'll do it. I'm guesstimating their version of our course was set at about 3'6" and it looked really easy for them.
Big mare is so happy in her new job, which makes me very happy.

-My barn mates. Always so supportive and encouraging.



  1. Oh man I was so sad for you reading the "downs" section :( Sending big hugs! <3 EC sounds fantastic, and your barn family too. Hopefully you'll unicorn saddle will show up and make life easier (mine did... just took a lot longer than I would have liked haha)

    1. I'm such a mess right now, lol. But yes, Ive lucked into a fantastic support network! So glad your new saddle is working out :)

  2. Sounds like a tough week but with some great bright moments. Here's hoping that this next week will have more ups than downs!

    1. There are always plenty of bright moments. I don't think I've ever been so attached to a horse as I am Bridget, so it's easy to get emotional and focus on all the "bad" or "could be bad" things with her, and forget all the good and wonderful things still happening outside of that.

  3. Well that sounds like a tough week but there's also A LOT of good that is coming out of it. And prelim for Ginger? I think she definitely needs to have a Cardi baby!

    1. Ginger is actually quite the talented jumper. Who knew? :) and oh yes, I am still voting for a Cardi breeding this year rather than waiting.

  4. Ugh, I feel your pain. We are back to soaking hay for Roscoe, who can't seem to kick his cough. Glad you have help working through everything. It can get overwhelming.

    1. I'm half hoping it's a bug, but yeah, back to soaking hay we go. The timing is suspicious since we just got a new load of hay a couple of weeks ago. It's supposedly the same hay as always, but who knows, maybe this field or cutting contains whatever it is she had trouble with last time.

  5. The ups and downs are so frustrating. it's never a straight line but I always think it should be and then get annoyed that it's not and figure I must suck. And then I read about others and their squiggly line training progression and start to think that maybe, just maybe, it's life and not me. So thank you but I hope that the saddle thing gets sorted.

  6. Hugs! All of that is really crappy. But it's encouraging to hear how supportive your trainer is - I'm sure she'll get you through this rough spot! I've had Dino 6 years now and he's still... challenging at times, but we figured each other out. Sometimes you just need to learn the hard way, even though it sucks!! I hope things turn around soon!

  7. What a roller coaster week. So awesome tho that you're getting to ride these other horses in the meantime and yay for leads on a couple saddles! My fingers are seriously crossed that it works out soon, and that the vet has promising things to say about the COPD.