Monday 27 February 2017

More Horsey Fiction Reviews

Subtitle: My Kindle account is on fire, because what else was I supposed to do while I laid around feeling sorry for myself this weekend? :)

I managed to read 5 books in about 48 hours this weekend. Horsey fiction, all of it, because I wasn't in the mood for anything too serious, and as we all know, it's my guilty pleasure. (If you're looking for more serious, I'm partway through The Hidden Life of Trees, and would recommend if you're a nature lover. I also liked The Opposite of Everyone if you're into strong and sassy female characters.)

Anyway, on to some short reviews:

Book: Rings of Fire, Karen McGoldrick
T's Synopsis: Final installment of The Dressage Chronicles
T's Thoughts: Easily readable without needing to start at the beginning of the series.The further adventures of Lizzie the working student. Fun, witty, light read, and well written. As always, there are parts that read like a mini riding lesson and the horsey details are perfect. I think this series got better as it went along, and this final book is the best of the series.
T's rating*: 4/5
Would Recommend?: Yes, especially if you read one or all of the rest of the series and enjoyed them. 

Book: Jump if You Dare, Hazel Beecroft
T's Synopsis: First novel, and it's super.
T's Thoughts: This one took what could have been a predictable premise (mom dies in a tragic riding accident, daughter is terrified of horses) and made it fresh and fairly believable. I liked the characters, the details were bang on, and the story and writing were both well developed. There's some romantic drama to keep it interesting, but it's not over the top. While some of the things were maybe stretching reality a bit (famous show jumper seems to have only one horse and it's boarded at  your average barn/riding school) I enjoyed the fact that while there was a new to riding character who (of course) has amazing talent, the competitions and things they're doing still seem reasonable for the timeline (ie they're not winning the Grand National or the Kentucky derby with 6 months riding experience ;) There's a sequel (Thrill of the Chase) that I started immediately after I finished this one, and I enjoyed it, but not quite as much.
T's rating*: 4.5/5
Would Recommend? Yes, my favorite of this week's read-a-thon.

Book: Courage, Natalie Keller Reinert
T's Synopsis: Eventing Series book three, and the best of the bunch.
T's Thoughts: Another one that's easily readable without needing to start at the beginning of the series. I've previously found Jules (the main character) a bit difficult to like, but she's grown up a lot in this one and is more relatable. I enjoyed how this one ventured off into TB race barn territory, I think those chapters are the best of the book. I didn't like how even though technically quite a bit happened. the characters still left off with what felt like all the same issues they started with. As always, even if I don't always love the characters or empathize with their actions, the writing is excellent and probably the best of any current horsey series. I'm sure I'll be reading whichever book comes after this one.
T's rating*: 4/5

Would Recommend?: Yep, it's good, but my least favorite choice of this weekend's reads.


  1. Yay!! Thanks for the reviews! I haven't read Rings of Fire yet but have been wanting to and those other books look great too :) I'm going to add all of these to my library!

  2. I definitely need to get into this genre of novels

  3. For some reason I'm always super skeptical about horse themed books, but maybe I shouldn't be?

    1. Oh no, you should be! It's all about keeping your expectations low ;)