Tuesday 10 February 2015

Rainy Ride Pt 2

So, yesterday it was oh-so-convenient to drag Bridget along with us. And, even though I said I was going to limit my rides in the ring with her, I couldn't resist and hopped on for a quick ride. She felt tired and slow,  so I didn't push it since she'd been so good the day previous.

Whee! Wrong lead, but believe it or not she did a flying change before the corner and fixed herself. Smarty pants! (For the record, we're still not fussing about leads...it all about just going forward and getting some canter strides when I ask. If I set her up right we're going to get it 99% of the time, but the rest of the time I still let her go and tell her how amazing she is)

Motorbikes can bend their bodies around the circle at least
Ginger keeps an eye on things

Crazy cob trot. After months of being nagged about my hands, it appears I'm right back to burying them in her neck which of course leads to tipping forward. So appreciate G taking all the photos - it's so useful to be able to see what I'm doing wrong and remind myself.
More circles. Love this ring.

Why are you always so lazy? lol
 I'm thinking I'm going to switch her feed a little. She's currently on a nice timothy hay and a ration balancer due to needing to lose a bunch of weight when she arrived. We've finally got the weight to a good place, so it may be time to add in a higher energy complete feed in place of the ration balancer. I feel like her energy levels are pretty low considering her fitness isn't really too bad.

Bonus crazy eyes kitty. His life purpose seems to be to follow me everywhere. If I don't see him that's because he's hiding somewhere in order to stalk me better. Creepy. This is on the couch behind my head as I type my blog post.


  1. LOVE the reach she is showing with that hind in the second photo.

  2. I love the second photo too! I wish it was warm enough for me to ride outside hahah...nope. Aww your kitty melts my heart a bit :)

  3. Ahahaha - love the crazy cob trot! Glad to see I'm not alone! ;)

  4. I love photos for the exact reason you mentioned!

    Cob trot <3

  5. Fab photos, sounds like Miss B is coming along well if you can now get back to focus sing more on yourself ;-)
    Ah the joys of the greenie-go-forward-necessity.

    PS that kitten is too cute! He needs to come with a fluffy health warning ☺