Friday 27 February 2015


Little Ms Bridget was pretty 'up' today for our ride. There was much spooking and silliness. I think my higher energy feed switch is finally hitting the pony brain, or maybe all our galloping the other day made her realize forward can be fun! We had decent effort with no rider nagging on the way out, and even cantered a bit on the way to the trail head. That is basically unheard of, but I love it and would be very happy if her energy levels stayed where they are.
Happy to see her friend. Also, we've worn a trail in the grass from all our outings.

Our buddy for today is all about slow and careful, so after we met them it was mostly a walk ride with a little bit of trot. I was proud of Bridget because we opted to trot side by side up an old road and she wasn't at all worried about where her buddy was and was quite happy to slow or speed up as I asked. No ear pinning or attempts to race, even when the other baby pony lost his mind a tiny bit - I like it!

She was the master of all the puddles as well - even the big huge one that's more like a lake that she normally has to inspect prior to entering. Last time we went through it our buddy opted for a giant leap in and almost landed on top of us, so this time she didn't linger and risk another bath lol. It's almost belly deep on her so it's a bit comical when she does attempt to stop in there in an effort to drink eat the nearby greenery. It's just inviting baby hippo comparisons, obviously :)

In other news, all this riding is trashing my gear and I truly need some new breeches and every day tall boots, not to mention a couple of saddle pads. I hate spending money! Canadian oil prices, you need to go back up so my dollar has more buying power...the conversion rate right now is making me sick, and of course Canada has no good riding gear of our own. I'm going for brown boots to match the mud, and nicer breeches so stay tuned - I might be somewhat fashionable for the next 30 seconds or so.

I just signed up for another clinic in April, and am confirmed for our March one, so at some point maybe I might even be able to look good in my new gear, and maybe even ride well at the same time- all on a forward pony of course. I can always dream, right? ;)

That time of year - a shovel full of hair and mud came off the pony (and I groomed her the day previously too, so that's only 24 hours worth)

Cleaner. It's quite difficult to take a good picture of poor Bridget. Ginger is the model, Bridget is more like me and always looks weird in photos.



  1. "baby hippo"!!!!! i'm gonna tell her you said that lol! but seriously - it's so great to hear she's doing so well and realizing that this whole riding thing can be fun :) enjoy the shopping too!

  2. She has such a lovely hip on her! Loving that she was so good for you.

  3. Super deep puddle...sounds more like a pond to me!
    Cannot wait to see what brown boots you go for, I swoon over brown tall boots - but my purchasing power is non-existant at the moment due to apartment ownership haemorrhage of monies - sorry ponies & style dreams

    1. Ps cannot wait to read all about the clinics and live vicariously through your epic adventures

  4. Bridget, master of puddles :)

    She is just so adorable!