Thursday 5 February 2015

Me and What Army?

Proper riding update soon! In the meantime, I wrote this post last week and forgot to hit the 'publish' button, so here's a fun excerpt from the life of Ginger:

Rain and mud were the order of the day on Monday, but I thought I might pop out to the barn for some riding and to give both the girls a good grooming.

Midge thought that idea sounded just fine. Ginger, not so much. So, there I was trying to catch Ginger, with Bridget shadowing along beside me. That would have been almost do-able, but then the other three horses decided that since I'm obviously the boss of the Ginger boss mare, I'm a super cool leader. Also, I have carrots. Turn out it's a pretty fun game for us all to all 'chase' Ginger around the field. (Well, at least my horsey minions thought so and were getting pretty into it and pretending to be super tough as long as I was willing to stay between them and Ginger ha ha). Apparently she needs better friends, hers aren't overly loyal :) On the plus side, I watched her jump the muck pile repeatedly with excellent style, and noticed she's really very fit.

 I was annoyed at first, but ended up having to see the humor in the situation. It took a bit, but me and my 4 horse army eventually caught the silly mare. I just ended up giving her a treat and letting her go again in hopes she'd realize she put in a lot of work running around just to avoid being fed a treat. She's so smart though,  the joke may have been on me. I'm not sure!

Old pic of her playing, but you get idea.



  1. Apollo is the master of the hard to catch game! We went through a period where I felt like I needed more and more carrots every time to catch him...he trained me very well haha. I think you left it at a good place :)

  2. aww silly Ginger!! love the visual of you wandering around the field with your 'horsey minions' tho haha!

  3. Hahaha fickle followers Gingers minions, guess she needs to treat them better and they mightn't turn on her so quickly ;-)