Sunday 23 November 2014

Testing, Testing, 1,2,3

My ride yesterday was not so good. My lesson today was not much better. Baby pony continues to use all her (considerable) willpower in an effort to be evil rather than good and today needed reminding that forward is a thing.

Rather than focus in all the things that are not going right and getting all worried about it, instead lets have a (tongue in cheek) recap of the good things that happened this weekend:

- It was sunny out

- Instructor set up a circle of death cavalleti exercise. We stayed on the circle. My homemade jumps looked nice in the sun. Also, pony apparently does not suffer from sensitive toes.

- We cantered and even trantered on the correct lead every time.

- We cantered an entire lap of the ring in each direction (No sarcasm here, this is a legit win even if there was some spanking involved so she didn't quit on me)

- I got a serious workout in at the same time as riding my pony. Yay for multitasking.

- We eliminated another bit from the list of potential ones that could work. Also we can navigate not too badly with zero contact. Cool.

- Whoever says horses can't buck and go forward is totally wrong. Tested that theory and I find it to be false. 

-Bridget doesn't really need to be looking in the direction she is travelling. We have a legit partnership because she is totally cool with trusting me to watch out for obstacles in her path.

- Intstructor is very patient, also excellent at setting poles, repeatedly.

- I got the ok to bring Ginger next time and split the lesson between both ponies.



  1. I have to laugh at this! :)

    Way to go on the tranter! Maybe our ponies can be considered gaited ;)

  2. aww, naughty pony!!! love the list here - very funny. particularly 'pony does not suffer from sensitive toes' and patient instructor resetting poles... methinks these things are related lol. hope your next ride goes better!

  3. Sorry but LOL ☺
    Loved this - naughty B, but woohoo for multitasking & splitting the lessons between the two beauties.