Friday 14 November 2014

Best Ponies

This is going to be a nearly wordless Friday post since Bridget Pony was excellent for our ride last night and there's really not too much more to say about it! Both girls constantly exceed my expectations and now and then I think I just need to sit back and appreciate the present, rather than constantly blogging about goals, what we need to work on, and where I want to be in the future.
Off we go, here are your daily fuzzy pony ears! Had a great warm up with some motivated canter work (and me with no spurs!). Correct lead still somewhat optional, but the cadence is getting there and she can hold almost a whole circle!
Patiently waiting at the gate for me to set up poles and a tiny jump
Pony owned it. After just trot poles, I raised it to a tiny x, then up again to this tiny 18" vertical. Midge says no big deal, and barely picks up her feet, then opts to actually jump the next one and says this is kinda fun! She is getting better at organizing those feet well enough to canter away when asked too.
Champion of the baby jumps

Treat face. She got a pile of them for being so great, which I was later regretting because she turned into insta cookie monster and needed to be reminded of her (already poor) manners regarding personal space. Looking now at this pic though, she's so cute I still want to stuff her face with treats and worry about the consequences later.

 Hope everyone is staying warm this week - we're literally freezing the last few nights, which is pretty rare around here and making for some playful ponies! Ginger's turn for an outing later today, then it's lessons on the weekend while the sun is still shining. It's a pretty great life :)



  1. Replies
    1. At least she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. It's more just her nose is permanently glued to my pocket all the time!

  2. B is the best at posing and doing all the things asked of her. What an absolute sweetheart ♡

    1. It's like I own a giant stuffed pony sometimes - just pose her, leave her alone all tacked up, whatever, she's still there when you come back. She's so agreeable to everything!

    2. My two are the worst at posing, you'd think i have them spoiled with treats (not so, they get one each a day when I go to bring them in from the field so that they will come to me as i don't fancy searching for them in the dark); if i park them and take a step back they invariably either turn to follow me or try to take a step towards me. I love that they do that and they make me giggle everytime but makes snapping photos more challenging lol - hence why all my photos end up looking the same ☺

  3. yay for cute jumping ponies!!!