Saturday 29 November 2014

Spirit of The Season Contest (And Quick Farrier Update)

Ginger had her feet done this morning, without any drama other than her eyes and ears trying to convey to everyone her sadness at being so violated by an almost stranger. This is a huge victory in pony land, but I'll spare you the detailed recap. After all, she did nothing wrong, stood quietly. and her feet are looking great. I didn't tempt fate by taking any pictures of her crazy eyes, you'll just have to trust me that they were...expressive :) Other than that, a normal, boring, non blog worthy farrier visit for Ginger? Yep, we just had one. Yeah! Win for Ginger, and a win for the vet's magical hoof dressing. Many celebratory treats were consumed by all.

In more exciting news, KateRose at Peace and Carrots is having a giveaway everyone should enter. Entries are gained by either donating or volunteering to a great cause this holiday season. Check out her (wonderful) blog for all the details HERE

I was going to be all grinchy and angry about some politics with our local riding club and not volunteer this season, but her kindhearted gesture made me feel super guilty and I baked a bunch of cookies and squares yesterday for the club to sell for their annual Christmas craft and baking fundraiser. I'm not going to enter KateRose's contest since I suspect Ginger's fat head is too large for the halter she's giving away, but I do think everyone else should get out there and overwhelm her with entries :)
It snowed slightly this morning, which is a rare thing here and is getting everyone into the Christmas spirit! (Except the ponies, they're just sleepy apparently)



  1. yay glad Ginger's farrier appointment was so uneventful! it's the little things, right? :)

  2. Uneventful farrier appts are truly a blessing! Thank you so much for sharing my contest :) :) :) I think Ginger's head would fit just fine, Mystic's belgianXquarter horse head fits that size/make of halter. Let me know if you change your mind ;)

  3. I love when the farrier says "no news is good news!" haha

  4. Yay for uneventful farrier visits & baking. You are so generous *hugs*