Sunday 9 November 2014

Lesson That Wasn't

I was borderline wondering whether I'd be up for a lesson or not this morning, so headed out at the normal time just in case but didn't bother calling or confirming ahead of time. I figured if she showed up I'd suck it up and ride, if not I'd just do a bit of ring work.

We ended up doing a little bit of ring work in the rain, then playing hooky and heading out on my favorite trail and back along the road home when the sun made a surprise appearance.

It was a nice ride, but a little weird. Maybe Ginger told Bridget about how 'mean' I was yesterday? More likely it was the combination of really high winds and the weather change, plus a lot of people out and about catching the bit of sunshine. Whatever the case, my normally sane pony was all revved up! I love forward Bridget, but I'm happy that super spooky Bridget has only made a couple of appearances so far. One really silly pony is enough for me, thanks :) Since I feel like she's more of an appropriate size for me, fingers crossed I so far have had no problem sitting any of her antics and don't feel intimidated at all. It's more annoying than anything, although a part of me has to love how good she's obviously feeling! The plus side to that is we had some really good work in the ring, including the best canters yet. I saw her cruising around the field a couple of days ago with a lovely uphill canter, so now that I know it's in there and am feeling hopeful that one day I am going to be able to recreate it under saddle.
Sunshine! One day I'll beg G to come out and take actual pics so you can have a break from looking at pony ears only.

Finally, let it be noted that Ginger forgave me this morning. When I showed up to the barn I was wearing THE coat and she was all big eyes and snorty at my daring. To the point where she was hiding from me outside in her paddock. After I went into the tack room and got some treats for Bridget, Ginger magically overcame her 'fear' and was leaning over her stall door demanding I come say hi. Silly pony had to make a point of gently sniffing me all over and trying to 'groom' the back of my neck like she does with her horsey friends in the pasture...guess that means she wants to be besties again?


  1. But the pony ear pics are the best!

  2. lol glad Ginger decided the coat probably *won't* kill her. and yay for forward Bridget!

  3. Yay for excellent canters! :)
    I was a the scary coat lady on Saturday night. I went out with a blanket for Apollo after dark and was wearing a big winter coat. And I scared the crap out of the whole herd!

  4. Cookies help everything.. Even when coming from Mommy coat monsters!

    And I have to agree. Fuzzy ear shots are the best!

  5. Aw bless her cotton socks & forgiving heart at your audacity.
    Funny how forgiving they can be when treats are involved ;-)