Monday 4 August 2014

The Wishlist Game

Idea courtesy of Lauren at She Moved To Texas, In keeping with Lauren's post, I'm listing things I'll likely buy in the near future, not things I want but don't need/can't afford.

First off, breastplate for both girls (hopefully adjustable enough to share). Round ponies + jumping + steep terrain out on the trails means my saddle does move around a little more than I'd like at times. The built in handle is also a bonus for Ginger. The jury's a little out as to the exact style/brand I'll get. Currently thinking along the lines of this if I could find something similar available to Canada:
Nunn Finer 3 point breastplate. $199 at Dover Saddlery
I also need a new show shirt that fits properly, ideally a simple white shirt with a wrap collar and a more fitted profile. Technical fabric a bonus. Since I'm not known as a trendsetter, now is the time of year I try on this years shirts in hopes of scoring one on clearance for next years shows. I was at the tack store last weekend and the Ariat Triumph Liberty shirt caught my eye. I tried it on, and it's now on my wishlist. I like the really subtle detailing, the fit is nice, and the fabric looks like it would be very cool for summer. Pattern inside the collar is a little wild, but hey. Price is around $100.

From Dover Saddlery
Also, from the Ariat catalog, I desperately need a new pair of their H20 paddock boots. I've had mine for 6 or 7 years now and they are beyond beat up. They're still functional, but really, really ugly. I rode and mucked stalls in them for several years. They're also so comfy I also use them as hiking boots on mucky/rainy days. I love these boots and want a new pair! Price around $140.
From Greenhawk
A new helmet is also on the menu. My Tipperary one is nearing it's expiry, and my previous "nice" helmet had a fall a year or so ago, so I'm down to just the cheap Ovation I bought last summer. Don't get me wrong, its cool and comfy and I like it for what it is. But I'd like a new helmet for clinics and shows. I'm on a budget and don't show anywhere fancy (and honestly don't care a whole lot about what's "in" anyways) so I'll probably just replace my old helmet (that was actually really flattering and nicely ventilated) with a new one unless a screaming deal on something better comes my way.
Old helmet = Troxel Reliance $160

Last, but not least, a waterproof reflective quarter sheet for all those dark and rainy winter days. The ring is a short hack along a somewhat busy road with a narrow shoulder. Something bright and/or reflective is a must have, and I'm thinking a waterproof quarter sheet is also practical item to keep the ponies warm and dry to and from the ring. Love this particular one because it clips on and is easily taken on and off. About $70.
V Bandz waterproof quarter sheet
Grand total for shopping spree: $670... hopefully less if I hold out for sales!


  1. Love my H20 Ariat paddock boots. :)

  2. You'll deff be seen in that quarter sheet - i've an obnoxious traffic cone orange one for when i go hacking in the woods during autumn/winter. I don't want to be accidentally shot at by hunters who think my horse is a deer!