Wednesday 27 August 2014

Happy Ponies

You can see why the motivation to buy our own farm has dried up for the time being...the ponies are boarded in horse paradise! Just wish they weren't quite so chubby :)

From this weekend. Apparently you need a bay horse to fit in around here! Bridget is on the far left, and Ginger is the next one over in the centre of the photo.
Bridget and Ginger are already BFF's which G and I each predicted would happen when we met Bridget. Bridget is basically a mini Lainey temperament wise - calm, cool and quietly confident. The leader of the herd without even appearing to try for it.  Long time readers will know Lainey is my previous horse and was Ginger's entire reason for being for the years they lived together. Normally bottom of the pecking order, Ginger enjoyed 'second in command' status in the mare herd thanks to being Lainey's best friend. It will be interesting to see how this new dynamic plays out, because Ginger was much more confident and relaxed around the farm with Lainey watching over her world. If Bridget can replicate that she'll be worth her weight in gold to me!

Back when Ginger was Lainey's minion. Note the one ear on Lainey: "Lainey, we are posing for pictures, yes?"


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  1. So glad your girls get along, it really makes the world of difference. My girls aren't best friends but they get along. Nancy is quite independent & doesn't need another horse whereas K hints she's the boss & pushes the others around till she needs something from them (like an extra fly swat tail) when she changes her tune & sucks up to N sticking by her backside and playing nice & friendly.
    They are hilarious