Tuesday 12 August 2014

Shipping Date, Check! Winter Lessons, Check!

Things magically fell into place the other day and little Miss Bridget will be moving in with Ginger on Friday. I'm really excited, so now it's going to be even more difficult to be all responsible and put in my last two weeks of work. Work asked me today about taking on another project in the future and I was like "No. We cannot discuss this right now. My brain is full of horses and I must go home." lol I don't think they understand the self control I'm exercising just to refrain from hopping in my truck right now! I'd so love to see G and Ginger and be there for the arrival of Bridget. Hopefully the next two weeks will pass quickly and I'll be home before I know it.
Time machine Ginger wearing a drunken party hat in 2011. Obviously an excellent choice of picture for such a happy post. 

There's even more good news today because Bridget is hitching a ride home with the dressage coach who is moving to my barn! I was so excited she might move to my town, and we'd finally have a legit coach. It turns out she's moving to the same barn as me! So excited, although now I will have zero excuses not to get Ms Gingersnap and myself back into lessons and out to some dressage shows.
Lainey. Far too serious to ever pose with a hat, but all bets are off when there is food involved. Got an update recently from her old lease girl/new owner that she's doing really well in the jumpers this year. Yay, for her going to the best home!



  1. Exciting!!! Everything is falling into place :)

    1. I'm feeling a little superstitious - like things can't possibly be this easy! lol

  2. Woohooo on all the good newses!
    B getting a lift & a new trainer to boot, fun times most definitely ahead. The next two weeks will absolutely fly by :D

    1. I hope so...I just booked a clinic for the 6/7th of September...gives me 5 days to get a pony presentable in public....nothing like last minute prep time ha ha