Monday 18 August 2014

Only One More!

There's just one more lesson left this summer. I'm really sad about that. When I signed up for lessons 6 months ago, I was thinking it would be a fun thing to do a couple of times a week. I didn't have any huge expectations - more just wanted saddle time to keep my sanity and lessen the frustration of leaving Ginger at home . If I could get some more solid jumping basics, that would be a bonus.  It was a pleasant surprise to luck into a barn with such amazing lesson horses, and a huge surprise just a few months later to find that my current riding and confidence levels have surpassed anything I really considered myself capable of.

 I'm pretty sad to leave it all behind just when I feel like I'm really finding the groove and really starting to fit in to such a great barn community. Still, I miss home and I'm leaving for even better horsey adventures. Whatever happens, I've gained a renewed passion for the sport, and the unforgettable experience of what a great horse and a good round feels like. I'm also taking away the knowledge that I can do this - hard work and determination really is a recipe for improvement :)

Heading back from a lesson on Splash, summer 2014



  1. So great when you find a good place like that. Those lessons will stand to you and your gorgeous girls. I cannot wait to read about all your adventures when you get home.

    1. I can't even describe the excitement I'm feeling about it! Can't wait :)