Sunday 24 August 2014

Shopping Day/Wish List Update

Greenhawk had a big sale this past weekend, so I went ahead and looked for a couple of things from my wish list. You're a bad influence, Lauren...once I made the list it's like a duty or something to buy everything, right? ;)

First off, I decided on a (much needed) breastplate:

There were other options available, but this one seemed the best value - nicer quality, and on a serious sale. Fingers crossed that it fits both ponies!They had a beautiful Antares one at many times the price, but my budget just can't justify the price difference when the one I got is perfectly nice and functional. They had cheaper ones as well, but I felt like they didn't have the nicest leather, and the stitching and fittings looked cheap to me as well, like they might not last. I'm happy with my middle of the road choice. I'm undecided about the colored elastic, preferring a more traditional look, but I think the elastic is the practical choice when I'm trying to fit two very different horses and we're doing a lot of trail miles. My only critique so far is the leather is a bit stiff, and without any sheepskin on the centre piece I worry it could rub before it breaks in. Pretty sure I saw sheepskin attachments for just that purpose somewhere though...for the price I can afford to purchase some separately. 

Next up, a failure to stay with the program, I bought some stirrup leathers I didn't need, but they're pretty! They match the new breastplate and the saddle I use on Ginger (and hopefully Bridget). I have the identical ones in the lighter color below for my other saddle, and am really happy with them. From a functional point of view, I love the lower profile/narrower leathers, and aesthetically I like the contrasting stitching.  Again, on sale.
Like so, but darker color matching the above breastplate/my stubben saddle.
I also picked up some other sale odds and ends: new bell boots, a dressage whip, and a halter for Miss Bridget.

The Ariat shirt I want was on sale for 25% off, and the boots were 15% off, but I held out, at least for today. No helmets on sale, so I'm also still waiting there too, and getting more and more indecisive about what I want. Quarter sheet was also not happening today - they don't stock anything remotely reflective.

Grand total spent today :$140 for everything (so cheap because all items were marked down a minimum of 50%) For anyone keeping track (Hi G ;), that's $60 less than my original budget for just a new breastplate. So I am excused for buying all the extra stuff I don't need, right?

If you're like me and would love some extra $ for tack shopping, don't forget to enter Cob Jockey's most excellent contest. If you don't read her blog, you should. Go check it out - it's excellent. The contest is just a nice bonus.


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  1. Woohoo, love bargain hunting. Congrats & wishing you well wear with the new gear ☺