Wednesday 25 June 2014

What It Costs

I'm taking some inspiration for this post from SprinklerBandits and She Moved To Texas.

This topic has really been on my mind for the last little while. Paying for a pony I never see kind of stinks!

I think we can all agree that the initial purchase price of a horse is nothing compared to the monthly upkeep so I won't go there - others have said it much better than I could.

Instead. lets have a little fun with this. I love Lauren's idea of illustrating the costs relative to other things. I'm going to do mine for the projected 2014 year, and with a west coast angle :)

Gas to and from the barn = 20lbs of smoked salmon
Club memberships/arena rentals/insurance = 50 Grande mochas
Coaching/showing = 12 whale watching day trips

Farrier ( I get off lucky here with just trims) = 16 cute umbrellas

Vet = 6 pairs of "fancy" yoga pants

Tack and rider gear, misc barn supplies: 14 NHL games (Tiny image because I wouldn't advise cheering for this team ;)

 Full board: I could take up a couple of new hobbies for the cost.

First off, lets buy a kayak:
Then a nice full suspension mountain bike:
Then, because I'd like company, I'd buy a second bike and a kayak for G too.

 I do the horse thing on a super budget, but this is still slightly depressing!


  1. Ooo I want to go whale watching!

    1. We see orcas every once in a while out front of our house. They scare me enough that I won't swim, so a tour would be a special kind of torture lol. I have friends that love it though!

  2. I don't even want to know for me. . . but boarding at a friend's and not having a trainer really helps.

    1. I hear you, my costs are a lot cheaper when I'm at home doing the self board thing!
      This year is moderate in that board, etc is cheap, but I'm doing twice weekly lessons for 6 months which is a bit pricey.

  3. I'm basically not playing this game because all not havin a horse would do for me is give me a big pile of money to sleep on lol