Monday 9 June 2014

Viva Carlos Blog Hop: Fess Up to Your Mistakes

I've been enjoying Viva Carlos' blog hop posts, but so far either haven't had anything inspired to say, or have been too busy to post within a reasonable time frame. I saw today's topic and knew this was one I could pretty easily write about - I've only made about a billion mistakes, after all.

A few years ago, I had the horses at home with me. Hay day was coming, and it was time to clean out my winter hay storage and make room for the new crop. I took out all the pallets my bales sit on in order to sweep up all the old hay that had fallen on the floor underneath. I started re-laying the pallets on the floor, but got called into work. I stacked the remaining pallets against the side of the barn, because after all, none of the horses will bother with a stack of pallets in the gravel barn paddock when the pasture is so beautiful and green, right? Wrong. Silly QH gelding took the top one off the stack and dragged it away. He must have stepped on/through it at some point because I found it at the bottom of the pasture and him with a lovely cut around his rear pastern requiring a month of antibiotics. So frustrating, and so, so preventable - he was always into everything (ask G how he got the big dent and bite mark on his truck :) and if I had paused to think instead of racing off to work I would have known playing with/stepping on a new 'toy' rather than eating in the pasture was EXACTLY the sort of thing the silly guy would do.
I rescued this little guy as a nearly-starved-to-death foal. I have no idea how anyone could starve a baby horse, but there you go. He was permanently stunted and stayed quite small and delicate looking. He lived with us until he went off to be a kids trail pony as a 6 year old. G still tells our friends "Rusty" stories  - the horse who truly thought he was our dog:)

On a funnier note, the time I re-stained my paddock fences a lovely black color (also in the above picture). And let the horses back in before it was completely dry. Oops. That white blaze wasn't the same for many weeks.


  1. Horses!!!

    BTW the fence staining is hilarious!

    1. It was actually SO funny, years later I still smile every time I re-stain that stupid fence.

  2. Glad he was okay other then needing some antibiotics!