Saturday 21 June 2014

Like Molasses

This is one of my favorite days of the year. I heard on the radio this morning we are getting 17 hrs of sunlight today! Craziness, I tell you. I don't feel like we're that much farther north here than at home in BC, but it's obviously enough to make a difference, because even in the middle of the night it doesn't get really dark right now. Also, it's Saturday today, which means a riding lesson! Ultimate favorite day!

My ride today was sloooooow. Splash was not feeling the love, and was only interested in putting out minimum effort. Even over the jumps I felt like we were in slow motion replay. He was also a bit spooky, which doesn't help the whole sucking behind the leg situation he so favors. I'm feeling a little uncharitable and suspecting the 'spookiness' was just an attempted excuse to be Mr Molasses. I got him going, but it wasn't that nice forward thinking frame of mind taking me to the jumps, more me telling him he'd better get there...or else :( I found myself wishing more than once for the super forward thinking Ms Gingersnap. She's great in that she has an excellent work ethic - you ask for a working trot and she'll give you one until you ask for something else - no reminding her of her job required. (Never mind that she would have lost all her remaining brain cells coping with a windy arena full of scary jumps and other horses cantering around - I guarantee more forward would not have been something I would have needed to ask for. Grass is always greener, right? :)

The Anti-Splash. No issues with forward...ever. It's the thinking before you run part that may need work!

My confidence is really getting to a better place, because although Splash was not on his A game today, there`s a part of me these days wanting to go faster and jump bigger than the dude is really capable of even on a good day. I`m not there yet as far as saddle time, but it`s certainly on my mind and something I look forward to. Splash is adorable though, so if they ever sold him I'd probably be first in line wanting to take him home - apparently cuteness wins out over athleticism in my world.

ETA: G is currently out on a bike ride and stopped to say hi to Ginger - here's the pic he just sent me:
That pasture is unreal for the coast. Lucky pony has plenty of room to run these days! Also, I really, really want to be there too right now! I miss my high maintenance girl more than I can say.


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