Saturday 22 February 2014


After feeling like I already had my winter from October to December in Alberta, winter finally followed me to the south coast this morning. I'll take it as a friendly reminder to not get complacent about packing my cold weather gear for a spring/summer in Edmonton :)
Ginger was too busy enjoying the snow to watch her back so my spy skills sort of worked. It's impossible to get any sort of candid shot of her just doing horsey things so I have to be super sneaky about it- otherwise she's always like "OH HI! HERE I AM SAYING HI TO YOU" :)
Saying hi - no idea why it looks like she is smiling, beside her obvious awesomeness. Also, this is why if you want pretty snow pictures of your horse, you don't get one with 4 white yellow socks (or use an iphone). 

I need to apologize for the lack of posts lately. No matter how I try to spin it, I'm in a bit of a funk about leaving again. I'm not by nature a long term planner and tend to just live in the moment, so right now I am sad about leaving rather than excited about being financially secure buying tons of horse stuff and advancing my career.

 I'm still spending a fair amount of time at the barn and spending most evenings catching up with friends. I've been avoiding the computer since I really need to be using it to finish off some paperwork for the job and arrange accommodations for myself, not to mention finishing all the boring bank and government account and address changes even a short term move seems to necessitate.

I'm signing up for two lessons a week at a barn in Edmonton, as well as looking for a weekend barn job, so I will still have plenty of horsey updates over the next 6 months. It's also not completely out of the question for me to bring Ginger along if I find I'm missing her too much :)


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