Friday 14 February 2014

Ginger Has a Valentine!

There's a new guy at the barn and he and Ginger are now madly in love. She wants his babies. This was the sight that greeted me yesterday morning - Ginger came running to say hi, but made sure to bring her new boyfriend and introduce him:

I think I will forever find my horses' social lives fascinating, Ginger and Lainey were always best friends no matter what, and it was pretty neat to watch them interact. Now that Ginger shares the pasture with boys things are getting even more interesting. 

 Happy Valentines Day, everyone!



  1. Aw, that's adorable! Is this her "regular" boyfriend you have mentioned before, or is this a new guy she has fallen for? (Is it sad that I am asking about your horse's love life? Inquiring minds want to know, ha ha)

    1. He's the new guy in the pasture. Her 'regular' boyfriend has been banished to third wheel status and is quietly trying to win her back. Little do any of them know, the new guy is just visiting until the end of the month. It's all very daytime soap out in the pasture these days! lol I'm also so sadly entertained by it all - I sat in the sun and watched them for half an hour yesterday!

    2. Ha, too funny! My lease horse has moved to a new location and I visited her on Valentine's Day. Seems that she too has found a new boyfriend - a big black Fresian. She reluctantly dragged herself away from staring at him in his pen to come see me. Love is in the air, I guess!

    3. Friesian, I meant to type! His name is Harm, which I find hilarious. The ultimate bad boy.

    4.'s tough to resist those bad boys :) That name is great! I just found out Ginger's current guy is named "Digger". Doesn't have quite the same ring to it lol

  2. Women can be so fickle :-) This is adorable.