Wednesday 24 July 2013

This or That

Since life here is creeping past at snail speed and my life currently consists of editing code and making maps of municipal utilities (I can hear you now, "But wait, T, I REALLY want to know how my home sewer line connects to the main line! In a 3D image!" lol), interesting blog topics are few and far between.  How many "I really miss my horse" and "I can't wait to get home" blog posts can I write without boring even myself? You'll be glad to know I've reached my limit :)

So, I've copied Lauren's "Equestrian This or That" from her She Moved to Texas blog. Thanks, Lauren, for the great idea :)

Equestrian This or That

Appaloosas or Pintos: Pintos
Palomino or Buckskin: Buckskin
Bay or Chestnut: Bay
Star or Stripe: Stripe
Mare or Gelding: Mare
Quarter Horses or Arabians: Both! I had an Arab/QH and he was fabulous.
Fjord or Haflinger: Haflinger
Clydesdale or Percheron: Percheron, for Lainey
Thoroughbred or Warmblood: Thoroughbred
Saddlebreds or Tennessee Walkers: Saddlebreds
Connemara or Welsh Pony: Connemara, but if Welsh Cobs are included, then obvously WELSH.
Cross Country or Fox Hunting: Fox Hunting
Equitation Under Saddle or Hunter Under Saddle: HUS
Hunters or Jumpers: Jumpers
Dressage or Cross Country: Cross Country
Local or Rated Shows: Local
One Day or Weekend Shows: Weekend
County or Antares: County
Flash or Figure 8: Neither, just a plain noseband
Polo Wraps or Boots: Boots
Standing Wraps or Shipping Boots: Standing Wraps
Square Pads or Baby Pads: Square Pads
Standing or Running Martingale: Running
Ariat or Tailored Sportsman: Ariat
Traditional or Technical Fabric Jackets: Traditional
Field Boots or Dress Boots: Field Boots
Black Jacket or Navy Jacket: Navy
Spurs or no Spurs: No Spurs
Crop or no Crop: No Crop
Charles Owen or GPA: CO

Full Board or Self Board: Self
Paddock or Stall: Paddock
Trail or Ring: Trail
Bumper Pull or Gooseneck: Bumper Pull
Blanket or 'Naked": Blanket
Pony or Horse: Pony!


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