Tuesday 16 July 2013

Loving This!

It's currently free to view online copies of the Chronicle of The Horse magazine:


I really enjoyed the article by Meg Kepferle on page 36. I'm from a family of larger people, and up until my mid 20's, was always considered 'the skinny one' and told I had just hit some genetic jackpot, while they just weren't so lucky. As my weight increased by about the same amount as the authors in my late 20's, I started to realize what I'd been told probably wasn't true. I was always the picky eater and the active one in the family. Then, due to a change to a desk job and me just not paying attention and continuing to eat like I was a teenager, I magically gained weight. Something about the story I'd been told wasn't adding up :).

It's only been the last couple of years where I've really sat down and evaluated exactly what I'm eating - up until a few years ago I'd always assumed if the food I ate looked healthy or the package said it was fat free I was doing pretty good. How I wish I could go back and give the younger me some reading material! As the article says, we pay so much attention to our horses diets and fitness, why not concentrate a little more on our own?



  1. Her article was just great! I read it last night :)

  2. Great article - I am struggling with my weight more and more as I get closer to 40. I may check out the My Body Tutor site she used; she looks amazing!