Tuesday 9 July 2013

How to Pass The Time

I love my job, but wow, I sure seem to have a lot of time on my hands without G around or any barn life. I think in a way this little break has been good for me – I was super stressed out over Ginger’s boarding situation and her off and on soreness. I know Ginger is thriving too, she’s looking pretty good in the pictures I’ve been sent. I’m happy that I’ve made the right decision for the time being, but December really can't come fast enough!

 Here are some ways I’ve found fill the horsey void without actually having a horse in the same province as you:

-A horsey internet video subscription. Right now I have Horse Hero. I can watch a training video or two every night and feel like I at least learned something – not as good as real world lessons, but hey, it’s something.

-Explode your facebook page with horsey feeds. All my favorite riders, all the local clubs and associations, all the major event venues, etc, etc. I have to plow through about 10 horsey posts for every one post I see from an actual real world friend.

-More gym time! I tell myself I’m becoming more fit to be a better rider. Forget looking good or breaking personal bests, the chance of becoming a better rider is what gets me to the gym.

-Walk to work. No having to rush off at the end of the day to get to the barn – now I have time to walk the half hour to work. This also helps with the above goal J

-Online shopping. Sad, but true, and so, so much fun. That money I’m saving is going back into new riding gear to replace all the beat up stuff I should have replaced long ago. I’m totally on board with Lauren’s ‘no duct tape’ goal and am including both Ginger and myself and all our assorted gear.

-Spending an hour every day looking at real estate listings. Planning my dream farm. Counting all the money I haven’t spent buying tack and hoping the dream will be a reality this year.

-Looking over the horsey classifieds. Ginger will need a friend, of course.

-Randomly nagging the barn owner for Ginger updates. She’s amazing and looks after Ginger so well and sends me updates every couple of weeks and pictures every month. Still, I have to compulsively check in far too often. Ditto for Lainey, which is even more shameful since she’s not even mine anymore!

-Checking out everyone’s blogs and living vicariously through you all.

My work computer. Yes, I am obsessed.

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  1. I ride often and still live vicariously through the blogosphere lol.