Thursday 20 December 2012

Fear the Beard/The Beard is Weird

This is from a few days ago:

The mane has since been thinned/trimmed but the beard remains. I showed this picture to G and he asked whose horse it was. Ours, honey, all ours. I upgraded her halter to a nice leather one for Christmas in hopes it will add a little more class than the too big/tattered one she has now.

Close up, she's this fuzzy everywhere, but her rainsheet smooths where it covers and gives the illusion she has a weird clip job. The temps here simply don't get cold enough to justify all this excess hair. I told G it's because she is a secret doomsday prepper and is prepared for a nuclear winter :)

She'd look so much better with a clip- there is a pretty girl hiding behind all that hair . Just this once though I'm kind of enjoying having a super fuzzy pony to hug.

I've been stuck not riding the past 3 days - we've been getting snow that melts by dinner time and then refreezes overnight so it's just a big slushy icy mess. Not too safe, sadly. I was just on the phone with a 'horsey' friend of mine and when I mentioned I haven't been riding she replied that she hasn't been riding on purpose. Because her horses are on vacation. It's an official thing - nothing at all to do with the awful weather or lack of rider motivation (insert laughter ;) I like that thinking - it takes it from a negative to such a positive. So, for the past few days, Ginger has been having a Christmas vacation in the snow. This morning we even shared some candy canes to celebrate and make it official.

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