Saturday 1 December 2012


A few things have been happening lately that have re-motivated us to find that ideal property and keep the horses at home.
Surprisingly, G is more motivated than me. I'm relatively content as is but he's got itchy feet and keeps asking me about places available locally. There's always something that makes it a no-go, though.
At any rate, a few days ago he asked where I would live if I could go anywhere. After looking out the window at pouring rain I considered somewhere DRY - like Arizona or New Mexico. Then I mentioned how I saw a TV show about Aiken, SC and it looked so beautiful and horsey. So maybe there ;)
We laughed a little and continued discussing the local listings. My new cell phone rang, but I ignored it. It wasn't until later I checked my call display. The number was a South Carolina number which I thought was funny - I was like "Hey G, Big Brother is watching us - a number from South Carolina phoned after we were talking dream real estate." He got curious and googled the number - I kid you not, it's a real estate agent in Aiken, SC specializing in equestrian properties. Obviously a wrong number, but how weird is that? I told him it must be a sign and it looks like we're moving a little farther than originally planned ;)


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