Tuesday 18 December 2012

Days in the Life

I showed up at the barn this past weekend and this little guy was hanging out by Ginny's paddock. When I say little, I mean little...I've been seeing him from a distance for a while now and originally thought he was someone's escaped pygmy goat.

Coastal blacktail deer are tiny compared to whitetail, but even so this guy is pretty small.  He's also very curious and friendly and will come within a few feet of you if you are doing something
he finds interesting. I see him sharing hay with some of the horses so that's probably why he hangs around.

I pulled Ginny out for a ride. This is why some people don't do white legs at all, and also why sometimes I just suck it up and give her a thorough cleaning and sacrifice riding that day:

Pony doused in green spot remover and with hosed off legs is much more blog friendly and makes me look like a better owner. The sun even popped out for a minute to add a nice shine to her coat :

Time to go for a ride. I thought about trying Lainey's 'show' saddle out on her:
Yuck. Pessoa orange is not a good colour on her. Maybe with a black pad? But then what do I do for a bridle? The experts would tell me off for rejecting a perfectly good saddle based on colour - thank goodness Ginger has her own perfectly good saddle already that just happens to be a better color for her.  I didn't even check the fit of the Pessoa - I'll just stick with my comfy dark brown Stubben that fits her so well. Besides, I'm sure if Lainey could talk she'd say she'd prefer not to share her tack. She's just not that sort of girl.
After a quick outing down the road to the ring and back, Ginger was ready for dinner. Too bad her mane was still driving me nuts.  After a further hour of pulling and trimming and Ginger doing her best giraffe impersonation, we're almost there:
Please feed me dinner. Can't you see I'm wasting away? ;) 
Ginger got her dinner early, and I went off to the local horse club's Christmas dinner and awards night. What a great group of people. The awards were especially fun, not too many overly serious ones and lots of funny/encouraging ones for the younger members. The awards were certificates and super cute customized brushes with horse and owner's name on them. Although our horsey community is at a disadvantage here geography wise, the people more than make up for it and I always miss them when I'm away.

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