Thursday 29 November 2012

Movin' Along

We're back in action this week and popped down to the ring a couple of times to try to get some 'proper' rides in. I've been playing a bit with the canter but I have to time it right since she runs out of gas fairly quickly. What a difference going from a 40 acre pasture to a small paddock makes for general fitness. She feels quite a bit weaker in the canter than she did when we were in regular training and she had a big field with friends to play with. I`m sure I feel weaker to her as well, being the trail riding slacker I am. On the plus side, she's such an honest girl that she doesn't really try to cheat and just gives me what she`s got. She will do the correct work if I can manage to get my own act together and ride properly :) We`ve had a couple of good rides the past few days and I`m feeling encouraged. My farrier took another look and found a stone bruise on her right hind. All that worry for a relatively minor problem!
Proof we showed up for work at least ;) :
Here`s a picture I found from our trail ride the other day - riding through here makes me feel like I`m in Lord of the Rings or something - especially on a dark and rainy day!

We rode the day after a windstorm and there were several trees down that we had to navigate over and under. The following day G and I went out for a hike with the intention of clearing the way, and someone had already beat us to it! I`m continually amazed by the user groups around here that volunteer their time - even in the middle of the week on a rainy day. It`s also not like this trail is located particularly close to anything - it`s an old old railway grade pretty much in the middle of nowhere and not accessible to vehicle traffic.


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