Sunday 25 November 2012


Today, I attempted to channel my inner stylist. I started out trying to prepare for a trail ride on the resident Curly horse. Check out this coat!:

I'm not even sure how you're supposed to properly groom this guy - the majority of my brushes come nowhere near getting to the bottom of his coat. Maybe a hair pick a la an eighties perm? Plus, he's a palomino. Living in a muddy paddock. Enough said :) If he was mine, I might be tempted to clip him to make it easier to keep him clean and dry, but it would probably look completely ridiculous! In the summer he sheds out and looks like every other horse - in the winter he is a giant poodle - even his legs are fluffy and curly. So cute. It is such a treat to ride a totally bombproof horse like him, but I always feel a bit guilty, like I should be riding Ginger instead. I'm glad I didn't take her though - it would have been way too challenging of a ride for her. We had a good time but it was almost 3 hours later when we got home and I was freezing! I had originally planned to take Ginger to the ring after but wimped out and instead tackled her mane. Stage One transformation complete:
It still needs a bunch of tidying, but I'm happy to see the parts she rubbed out last summer are just about long enough to start blending in. I probably took 4" off her mane and it's still on the long side! I had thought of growing it long and saving the work of keeping it tidy and even,  but I think shorter suits her much better.
Off to the ring tomorrow - I am unhappy with how I rode yesterday and am looking forward to getting things back to where we were when we left Alberta (almost 2 months ago! Time really does fly when you're having fun!)


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