Sunday 18 November 2012

Carrot Stretches

Ginny is still a little sore behind, so I've been handwalking and lunging her at the walk for a daily outing the past couple of days. Fingers crossed, she seems to be improving, so I am hoping it's just a strained muscle. Tomorrow I might try a short ride and see how we do. No matter what, I'm going to get the vet to give her a once over to be sure there is nothing else going on. Today, however, we hid inside - we've got a crazy storm front hitting us with rain and 60mph winds. One of the joys of living on the ocean, I guess, we get the unfiltered weather coming in from over the Pacific. Since we also live in a forest, it's really not safe to go out in high winds , especially during the first big storm of the season when all of the weaker trees and branches come down. In my quest to get Ginger feeling a little better, I figured today was a good day for a massage and to teach her some basic stretches I learned at a clinic a while back.

IMPORTANT PSA: If you own a Welsh Cob don't actually use a carrot to encourage carrot stretches. Because cobs are little horsey geniuses they'll immediately pick up the concept. And since they got a treat that one time, they'll continuously attempt to do said stretches everytime they think you might be looking in their general direction, then act horribly confused and offended when you don't immediately run over with a treat.

It went sort of like this:

(I've since moved on to cleaning her stall/paddock)
Walk up beside me - then flex head and neck so she is peeking at me over the opposite side of her back. I ignore.
Turn head so she is now pointing at the hip closer to me. I ignore (although it is kind of cute)
She senses my weakening resolve and turns to face me head on -after all, maybe I just didn't see her the first time? Again with the stretches, alternating sides randomly (she's apparently not so crazy about the one up between her front legs at least, so we are saved that)
 After a few minutes she did tire of her new game, but immediately started up again as I was putting her blanket back on and standing near her hip. At this point I'm realizing I've made a terrible, horrible mistake and will now have to live with Gumby the stretchy horse for the forseeable future.
Carrot Stretch Fail.


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