Monday 5 November 2012

I feel old!

This past Friday, I volunteered some hours at the club grounds. The project was to replace the perimeter fencing around the main ring and to rebuild the first ten show stalls. I'm happy to report that everyone pulled together and got it done and it looks amazing! I'm not so happy to report that at the end of the day I bent down to retrieve my tools and felt something in my lower back snap. Which led to an embarrassing day or two of needing the wonderful G to help me with everything from getting out of bed to washing my hair while I babbled total painkiller induced nonsense at him. An extra reminder for everyone to look after themselves and keep a strong and fit core so this doesn't happen to you. I was not so smart in my early 20's and am paying the price now. I do hope to be back in the saddle next weekend. For now, I've been watching a ton of training videos - Horse and Country TV and are probably noticing the increased traffic. I also spent time seriously sulking when the sun came out and I had multiple friends calling to go riding.

Today, the sun stayed out and G and I went for a short walk. G brought Ginger along for me, which was really nice - I think she gets bored standing in her paddock all day and I was missing her! She leads beautifully, but I don't think I could handle holding her at the moment if she spooked. She was so good for him. He even got her ready by picking her feet and grooming all the areas I can't reach right now and she was super patient with him. He's wondering if he really wants another dog to walk or whether he should take Ginger now and then instead. Maybe he should just start a pony walking service :) I was a bit slow and unsteady and sore but it was worth it. It was a really nice afternoon, and I'm left feeling incredibly appreciative of what a good guy G is and what a great pony Ginger is. I'm a lucky girl.

Hoping I feel better soon and I'll actually have something interesting to report!


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