Saturday 28 July 2012

Saturday rides

After getting myself motivated by checking out the Olympic Eventing dressage, I headed out to the barn. Of course I arrived in time to hear on the radio that a severe thunderstorm warning was in effect. Really? Yes, I took a closer look at the sunny skies and could see the storm clouds off in the distance. I'm starting to forget what normal weather is :(
I grabbed Lainey first as there was a little jump course set up outside that I wanted to play with. We had a blast, such fun. She started slow and lazy, but woke up in time for the jumps. Funny, that :) We had fun, and I worked very hard on keeping her straight. I called success when we cantered a little combination with no wobbles before or after. It was far too hot and muggy to have too long of a ride out there, fun or not.
When I took Lainey back out to the pasture the other horses had wandered far away from the gate. I set off on the long walk to the other side of the field as the rain began to spit. Lainey followed me out and there were some interesting herd dynamics going on. I'll have to think a little on it and post some thoughts another time.

Ginger was happy enough to come in. I rode her inside since the weather was picking up and it was a little cooler inside. She lunged really well, but once I got on, she got all tight and I had a giraffe on my hands for the majority of the ride. I followed trainer girls advice and got Ginger moving out and using herself, but I wasn't having as much success relaxing her as I usually do. I'd get a few strides, then she'd spook at something silly and we'd have to start over. So, after about half an hour, when we got a few nice stretchy circles at the trot, I called it good. We were both pretty sweaty and tired, and
it felt to me like that was going to be the best we were going to get today. A little disheartening for me because we're leaving relatively soon and for the most part I'll be left to my own devices this winter. I start thinking I'm not good enough and I'm going to wreck her. I have to remember we all have off days, we're both learning, and one less than perfect ride doesn't mean things aren't well. I'm thinking when I'm really lost I'll be able to refer back to this blog for ideas and hopefully use it as a way to mark progress.
I'm not sure what it is about this I love so much, but I have endless amounts of patience and enthusiasm for Ginger and this whole training process. I can't wait to get out to the barn the next time !
Lainey checks out our mini course:

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