Tuesday 17 July 2012

It's Offically Official

I leave here Oct 1st to head out to the coast for 6 months. My employer has been amazingly flexible and I will have a job waiting for me here again in April. I'll be on contract from now on, so probably work here anywhere from 6-8 months of the year. I'm feeling awfully lucky, but a bit intimidated with the prospect of trying keeping up with all the tech stuff in the backwoods of home. Not to mention paying my bills! But hey, life is short and I'm hoping to enjoy it as much as possible.

I've potentially got a bit of work waiting for me at home at the barn I was at previously, which will be fun as I've missed the horses there. They are therapeutic riding horses and are pretty incredible. Talk about a change though, going from high tech, high paying career back to waking up early to muck out stalls and exercise horses and vice versa! Pretty sure I can handle it though;)

Ginger will be accompanying me. I look forward to getting back in the saddle daily! Transport costs will be a killer. Because, after much indecision, I've decided a trailer is not something I desperately need at the moment (it would just sit the 6 months on the coast) so it will be put on hold until next spring. Which means Lainey will stay here either on vacation or leased out. She's cool with months of vacations. Her hobby is, after all, eating.  Ginger, I'm sensing, might not like that idea so much so will come out for some mountain trail adventures with friends and of course plenty of lessons.

It will be heaven to be back at home with Mr G, I've missed him a lot and although it's tough to leave my friends and full time job here, I know it's the right decision.

Now, will October hurry up and get here already?!!!! Ginger is getting excited;) :

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