Tuesday 3 July 2012

Missing the Girls

But, with them in mind, we went to look at a small acreage this afternoon. It is a vacant piece of land, 5 acres, with about half heavily forested, a futher acre grown in with bush, and the remainder still pasture. So, quite a bit of work to be done. It's also tiny compared to the huge acreages on the prairies but it is fairly large for the west coast! My current place out here is a bit small and is rented to some good people, and our other place is just on a city lot. So we need to expand to something with room for Ginger and Lainey as there isnt much in the way of boarding out here.
I like that the acreage is at the end of a country road and surrounded on two sides by crown forest. There are several hiking/riding trails near the perimeter which is a huge bonus - I'd be able to hop on and ride for miles without ever coming near civilization. Theres also a great lake for swimming within about a half an hour ride, as well as an access to the ocean where there is a nice sandy beach. Of course Mr  G is excited that we could also hike straight from our property for about 45 minutes and come out at this cool little highway diner type place.
I also like that it is in the 'horsey' part of town and I already know and used to ride with the majority of the neighbours. Its also fairly level, so lots of room for nice paddocks and a ring. Not to mention a barn and house!
I don't like how there is a creepy one room cabin complete with outhouse. Its weird and all hidden in the trees. Not sure its really upping the resale value and the first order of business would be to bulldoze it;)
We're not so sure about the price, it still seems a bit high given the current economy, and of course I have a few things to work out with my current job before we make any big decisions. Work is aware of what I'm wanting to do and our discussions so far seemed quite positive. I'm hopeful things will work out and myself and the horses will have the best of both worlds - summers on the prairies and winters on the west coast. Wish me luck!
The trailer search is on hold while I visit home for a few more days. Still hoping to find something on my way back out next week.

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