Monday 9 July 2012

No lesson

Really, I should know better than to expect a 3 flight/2 bus ride return schedule to actually work out. Good news is, I made it back. Bad news, I'm on zero sleep and have plans to crawl into bed after work. The horses will have to wait.
In more sad news, that property I was eying up of course sold the following day- after about 2 years on the market. What luck we have! There are a couple of other candidates though, so all is not lost. We'll see, at this point it will probably have to wait till fall when I head back out with ponies in tow. I will need some time to get over losing out on the dream place before I can commit ;) Supposedly the real estate market out there is expected to take a big down turn so a few more months won't hurt - hopefully we save more money.

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