Tuesday 10 April 2012

Not much new

Been super busy with work again, and trainer girl is off on a much deserved vacation. My next lesson isnt until the 21st! I'm wondering if a little mini vacation might be good for Ginger anyway. We were doing quite well, then the last 2 or 3 weeks have been downhill. I've found previously that some horses that are wonderful to start get a little tricky and testing once they get a bit more confidence with things, so I'm hoping this is just that phase! Whatever the case, I'm planning to bring her in and clean her up this weekend. Her mane is totally out of control and I'd love to get rid of the remaining winter hair she's got going on. Beyond that, the outdoor ring is open for use again, which I'm quite happy about. Its a beautiful property, and the outdoor ring overlooks some open pasture and a small lake. Very inspiring after being locked up inside. I hope to make use of it this weekend and see how many monsters Ginger can find. I sure wish I didn't live over an hour away, because this barn is perfect otherwise.
I'm hoping to also borrow Lainey and pony Ginger out around the pastures. It's looking more and more like I'll be returning out to the coast in the beginning of July and it would be wonderful to have a bit of a head start on getting her out the trails...the trails at 'home' are gorgeous and I'll be a bit sad if I dont get out on them for some good rides by the end of summer. That could be a big ask for a horse like her, but I think we can get there. Hiking or riding my bike is great, but not the same as trail riding!

Here's what I'm dealing with as far as the winter hair goes...this picture is from a month or so ago, but 99% of that coat remains, luckily minus the ice mustache :)

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