Saturday 21 April 2012

A good day

I popped into the tack store this morning to pick up some essentials, and ended up picking up a new breastplate for the roly poly Ginger. I was pretty happy to have found exactly what I needed, but when I got to the till and the owner informed me that the entire store is 70% off, my day just couldn't get better. So, I spent $21.50 on a new breastplate with all the attachments, a big bag of horse treats, and some detangler. And now I'm thinking of all the things I don't NEED but can't afford not to buy :)
I think a new show outfit might be in order, and a super fancy bridle for each of the girls. We'll see.

After that, I ventured back out to the farm to try out the new gear. I lucked out and it's the perfect color to match Ginger's "ebony" saddle and bridle, which is more of a chocolate color. In my world as long as the tack is functional we're good. If the color is sort of close we're very stylish and sophisticated ;) Perfectly matching is unheard of!
The wind today was unreal, which was too bad because it's finally warming up a bit. I rode Ginger in the outdoor ring and she was actually pretty good considering the wind and the fact that there was a lot going on in the general area. I did break out the western saddle just in case! I focused on just keeping her relaxed and quiet. After a month of fairly demanding work, I think she enjoyed a nice quiet ride on a loose rein. She'll be back in boot camp Monday though. Here's hoping the little break did her some good and she'll be on her best behaviour.

The view of the outdoor today. It's a tough life!

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