Saturday 21 April 2012

Friday Night Horses

I have such a busy social life, can't you tell? :) So, yes, Friday night was spent with the horses. It was super quiet last night, I was the only one there. The girls were both happy to see me. Or maybe the apples I brought. Details!
I had a little cry and pity party for myself- too much stress at work, not enough horse/Mr G time. Lainey was like "Um, OK, let's talk later when you get a grip" Ginger of course was like "Oh, you're so unstable! So am I! Lets be friends forever!" Or again, it could have been the apples :)
I gave Lainey a good grooming worthy of the queen she is (or imagines herself to be).
I took Ginger over to the outdoor ring and just lunged her and did some ground work. She's fun to play with, she's so in tune and tries so hard to please. When we have rough patches I like to go back to a little bit of ground work. She gets so upset when she's "wrong" so it's good to get her back to the stuff she knows and just have fun.
She was pretty relaxed and all in all, it was a nice evening.
There was a bit of poop left in the ring from other riders so I thought I'd pick it up and let Ginger wander around on her own to explore. She seemed content to follow me around until she realized she didn't have to stay. At that point she had a little canter around the ring, and then surprised me by doing a figure 8 complete with flying change before coming back to hang out. Show off!
She's impossible to take pictures of because she's always moving. Even if I ask her to stand, her feet might stay still, but the rest of her is looking around for something more interesting to do! Here she's ever so slowly inching closer, while pretending she's not.


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