Saturday 7 April 2012


Yesterday I spent time doing some groundwork with Ginger. We even did a little in hand trail course out in the field. What's super funny was that it was windy, so every little movement or noise was obviously something very scary sneaking up on her. Apparently tarps, bridges, water, all the normal "scary" things, are no big deal when there are imaginary lions sneaking up on you through the grass. This pony has her priorities!
Today I had another quick lunging lesson. I'm really getting the hang of it, thank goodness. I'm really interested to see how it translates under saddle too and hope to learn more. This could be a very useful tool for me in the future. No more lunging just to take the edge off.

Trainer girl rode Ginger first so I could see where she is at with her. It was neat to see someone riding her and to see that all in all, she actually looks pretty good! Riding her, it's hard to tell because she still feels so wiggly and inconsistent. That's not to say I couldn't see it at all on the ground, but it really doesn't look as bad as it sometimes feels. Ginger was, once again, pretty "up" and spooky. Trainer girl started working on nicer canter departs last week or so...and since then ginger has taken every excuse to try to leap off into a canter and be very silly. So we are back to slow and very quiet, walk/trot with a little canter at the end if she is relaxed. The trick with her is to let her be forward, but keep her relaxed.
I didn't bother switching out saddles after the trainer rode. Trainer girl is very tall and I am very short, so her saddle was a bit to get used to. I was caught fiddling my outside foot in the iron a bit trying to get comfy. Ginger surprised me a giant leap from a walk to canter. I brought her back to a walk within a stride or two, but she was pretty flustered after that and was randomly leaping forward if I used my leg. It was hard because I knew she was going to leap forward, but I still had to ride normally and use my aids normally and try to expect that she would be fine. Eventually she was. I won't lie, it's frustrating to have these setbacks, but it is sort of funny/interesting to see how she thinks things through and how she tests things. ("OK, you moved your outside leg....canter?? No? Are you sure? Here, let me try again! No? Really? Because it would be super fun to run around and spook at everything!")

I think we're going to have an amazing partnership once we understand each other better. We've had some wonderful moments so far, and I expect many more to come.

On a sad note, it sounds like the girl leasing Lainey wants to buy her. I'm a bit torn about it, on one hand I know it will be a great home and she'll get the attention she deserves. On the other, I want to be selfish and keep her for myself because she's just a really good horse. The reality is, though, that the home is perfect and the money is enough to set me on the path of some of my horsey dreams. I don't really have a job for her and I'm pretty busy with work and the ever demanding Ginger.
I'd be silly to say no. But if they change their minds I won't complain :)

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