Monday 5 February 2024

Country Time

I've typed out a few blog posts since my last one mid January but not matter how hard I tried it came out sounding like a depressingly bad country song.

In no particular order:

-The truck broke

-The saddle don't fit

-The hay didn't come

-The rain won't stop

-I'm tired

Obviously all of those are solvable issues and I think I got a handle on all of them bar the saddle fit thing still pending. Even the rain has given up for a couple of days this week.

Riding in the gloom. Apologies in advance for the randomness of the pictures in this post...they're basically everything I have since last time and for the most part the weather's been to gross to have phones and cameras out.


The saddle issue burns me a lot, because it's new and professionally fitted and I really thought we'd cracked the code, and also poor pony...her saddle making her sore (again) is beyond horrible. I trailered out to the big ring last week so I had a bit longer and more intense ride than normal (but not by much), which resulted in a very back sore pony the next day. I've been having some doubts for a little bit, and I was pretty upset to have those doubts confirmed this way rather than listening to my gut and getting it looked at sooner.

We had snow, then we had a big pineapple express and everything turned into an aquarium

Anyway, I love where I live. Mostly. This time of the year is always a challenge though, where I feel our winter gloom and lack of access to the outside world and it's equine services extra strongly.

If I can get the saddle thing sorted in a timely manner, Sophie and I do have some fun things to look forward to in the next few weeks. For now, though, she's having a little vacation. 

Longeing yesterday.

The babies remain the best little guys and are growing like little weeds. They're both about 13hh right now at 10 months, and Buck is substantially heavier than Reggie. At the end of the day we're expecting Reggie to be about 15hh and Buck more like 14.2. I wouldn't be surprised if Buck always weighs more than Reggie though, they're built very differently. It's probably about 0% useful for me to keep measuring height and using a weight tape on them, since previous experience tells me they grow at their own rate, but it's fun to document anyway. It'll be fun to see how they mature.


We've just started taking them on little solo adventures around the neighbourhood. So far, they've both been super about that (Sophie has the biggest issue with anyone leaving without her, of course!). 

She's claimed them as her own

Reggie off property is as you'd expect, a little sharp and very bold - he's interested in investigating everything. Buck is a bit of a pleasant surprise, he is of course a lot more reserved and cautious and I was ready to take it in very small steps, but he's very trusting of us these days and happily follows our lead. He's gaining confidence like crazy.  They have both been super about their feet and standing tied and being groomed lately as well. They're positively simple to have around after so many years of baby Drama Llama ;)

The llama herself



  1. Ugh I'm so sorry about the saddle fit, that is the worst feeling ever. When I bought my current I spent the whole two weeks agonizing over if it was the right fit or not, because my gut went, idk maybe? Fingers crossed its an easy fix, hopefully the tree angle is right and something is just out of line.

  2. Endless rain is very depressing. February is a hard month. And saddle fitting is awful. But things will get better. Hang in there. Plus you have the cutest ponies.

  3. That would be very frustrating about the saddle fit. And February. Very cute pony pics though❤️

  4. I totally commiserate with you on the Winter weather issues. Spring is almost here, right?